Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Toast to Roul

zdepski's painting of Roul Tunley, writer and journalist
Roul Tunley, a writer and journalist I used to do masonry and estate grunt work for was my model for this illustration. He passed away a couple of years ago... we lost another good one...

Roul was NYC/Yale/Switzerland and all things cool. I'm trying to nudge the whiskey folks towards the era of the "Madmen";1957-62... rat pack, convertibles and good booze. This is Roul in a library setting, with a cool glass-top Noguchi table - all things hip.

The piece is captioned "A toast to you, job well done! - Wasmund's Single Malt Whisky"

I sourced the magazine ads from the era, with that loose wash treatment. As I said to my buddies, this is still just a pitch item. If it gets picked up, I may revisit and tighten it... maybe not.

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peggy said...

Fabulous!! I love his posture and the position of his hand on the table. Cheers!