Wednesday, February 4, 2009

knitting portraits

Noelle Zdepski's knitted portrait of Radd
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my lovely bride, noelle has finished a small portrait of our new nephew Radd. she went from a photograph, creating graph paper grid with color coded stitch changes... it took a week of sundays, but i think it turned out great! she was thinking of a pillow or blanket or some other item she could incorporate the panel into... i suggested that i stretch it like a canvas and frame it. she added a border of background yarn to give me something to pull over the edges. here the piece is being "blocked", trying to remove the puckers in yarn, as well as straightening the grid.

i was also thinking about using it as a "colors" panel on a motorcycle jacket... "the RADDS"

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Chad Grohman said...

She did a really great job. I agree about framing it.... super nice feeling/emotion coming out of it. Well worth the time.