Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shigeo Koike - Airplane Model Box Art

Koike's work is terrific. Some of his pieces tone the background down, but that's the nature of selling a model, people aren't looking at the background - This piece is just breath taking. He incorporates the battle with nature as well as the battle with the enemy. Check out more of Shigeo Koike's Art here. The site is in Japanese, but I believe there is an English version mirror, but I can't vouch... I clicked, dug and rolled.

I'm going to be pushing my pulp finish towards a few of the treatments found in Koike's art, but my major issue is including the vibrant pulp colors into the piece, where his work is much more natural. I haven't seen the issue of Illustration Magazine, which covered American Model Box art, but this issue, Number 22 has the art of Blakeslee and some of his terrific Air Pulp cover art.

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