Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Junkies: Meth-Mouth

zdepskis drawing, meth mouth - junkie series
zdepskis dog, tilly under the coffee table
zdepskis daughter zhana watching Totoro in an easy chair
Junkies continue to haunt my work. Watched a piece on meth addiction last night after another viewing of My Neighbor Totoro with my kiddies. Quite the transition. Always keeping the sketchbook close, so i did a pic of the pup Tilly and under the table, looking up, Zhana watching the tube in mom's comfy chair, and my personal favorite: Meth Mouth. I've dealt with meth heads here and there... strange bunch being steered by the drug. I took the idea of exhaling smoke from the pulp girl on the docks and brought it to the junkie with her brown baked-bean teeth wafting smoke through their gaps, over the swollen gums...

mmmmmmm baby, ready to turn a trick for some crank...

paint it or move on... paint or move on.... i don't know. might just ditch the sales idea and push them into a full-blown junkie journal.

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