Wednesday, August 6, 2008

King of the Hill - Goat-style

Zdepski's painting of two goats playing king of the hill, acrylic on d' arches
two youngsters rough-housing on the rolled bales. the foreground nannie is the less aggressive, while her big brother thinks he owns the place. she bonked him pretty good and sent him into the grass a few times. don't underestimate a low center of gravity. this is acrylic on d'arches 90lb laid on a panel. it's part of a process i'm working on, which gives me the smooth surface i need for detail while adding the texture of the gesso to the surface. i'm entering this in the burwell-morgan show, along with the single goat and red pig.

The color comp on the Airplane Hottie pulp is underway. I worked into it with acrylics last night, but believe i will push into oils to get the vibrancy and depth. Tomorrow is the Hispanic Youth Symposium, so I can't paint... may have to wait until Friday.

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