Sunday, August 24, 2008

Framing - The Chore of the Cheap

framing like a madman. every day after work i schlep into the studio to make some sort of forward progress on getting my show ready. the cards are printed, in my hands, but i doubt i have enough spare time to address and mail them. gonna try.

the main body of the frames are built, only 10 this time. I will have 35+ framed pieces for the two man show, and 5 pieces going to a larger group show the week after. I need to get to the home depot for some aspen. i use it with 45 degree champhers on each side, and edgeband the frames. it's another milling process with my router. i screw a piece of melamine to the base, flip it over and clamp it to my tablesaw upsidedown. i then use it like a ghetto router table. I need to get to the studio - i need these finished, except for setting each painting, mounting hardware, brown paper dust backers by tonight. burning time writing...

1:24pm - didn't got to the "Po", ended up at lowes. Didn't buy aspen, got poplar... what else did i get wrong? Possibly the overall price of the frames per unit. i dropped about a hundred bucks on poplar, but after milling all of the edges as stated above, i'm ending with 432 linial feet of edging... far more than I need for the current framing job. even so, it's still 25 cents a foot... not that expensive.

7:40pm - Ten frames, all edgebanded, sitting in the studio with their painting dry fit inside. I set AK Baby's image into it's frame, mainly due to size, both of the painting and the frame - unwieldy as individuals, manageable as a group. No time to address postcards for the show... burned out from standing on concrete for two days straight... brutal to the lower back.

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