Monday, August 4, 2008

Dogfightin' Hotties

Zdepski's pencil sketch of a Pulp-style Dogfight
I've always liked airplanes from the early 1930s through mid-40s. To keep with the Air Pulp theme, I have the foreground airplane being flown by a cutie with a six-shooter, firing at an unseen foe. This is the pencil comp from my sketchbook of the main items. The grayscale of the sky has been mocked up in a separate digital document. I plan on pushing this into the bright reds, yellow, flames, smoke... gear oil... etc.


Anonymous said...

Do I have the right to get this tattooed on me?

zillustration said...

I can't stop you from putting something your body that you want to. I hope it turns out as you expect, since it's only a sketch, not a finished piece. Happy tattooing.