Friday, March 21, 2008

it's happening... mfa

I reconnected with a brilliant and dynamic designer from my 1980s days at the Philadelphia College of Art, Nickie Boston... She's in the Philly region, designing professionally and successfully. Her initial venture "Ma Jolie" was a whopping retail success, as touted by the Wall Street Journal and others. So good to hear from her. Our class time together was fueled by laughter and coffee. Here she's pictured with her son... I added the bubbles after I mistakenly said she looked good while looking at a photo of her son... boy i feel stupid.

gathering MFA funding... i'm still not sure of the total costs, since many of the weeks are spent in different cities in the USA... Lots of flying and hotel stays - eating at hotdog carts and ramen noodles. I can use the adventure.

Spoke with Mark Tocchet at the UARTs Illustration program - good advice
Scott Bakal was kind enough to call me with his thoughts on the program as a 2007 graduate.
I meet with David Labrozzi, IC of Md, DC and VA's President and a fellow MFA candidate.

Minutes ago, Scott Bakal sent a blog link to Q Cassetti's blog... She is a current MFA candidate in the Hartford program... check it out here.

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