Wednesday, February 27, 2008

naughty bitz

The Hawai'ian story is rolling along. I've requested two additional pages, bringing it to a full twelve page signature. One major issue I've been up against is the age/morality wall. The editor is shopping this to Scholastic and Random House, among others, and I've toned down much of the nightmare material in step with that knowledge. I have many items that still may not pass the censors eyes, such as bare-butts on the 'Uhane demons, loincloths one all of the men and bare-breasts on the women-folk. Now, you have to understand my thinking... there will be giggling in the back row while this is being read, but in order to be true to the culture, I'm pushing to leave these items in. Mr. Cummings, the author of the story has heard my request and understands my arguments. I don't want to be an ugly-American and add a Western morality element to a Pre-Western-Contact cultural story. I don't want to stick to my guns at the risk of killing the deal, but we can alway throw a lei in the right place, and all is forgiven.


Anonymous said...

Any image links for this? I've got some great mental images if you don't.

zillustration said...

naughty bitz are covered up in the final publication... I even have changed the grass skirts, since they weren't truly Hawaiian, but an import from the Gilbert Islands in the 1840s.