Sunday, February 3, 2008

Best in Show - the Blue Elephant 10th

Whoo Hoo.... Friend David Heatwole and I split the top prize for BOS at the Blue Elephant last night. We will be doing a tandem show in the fall, which is our prize. David also won the Peoples Choice award, which was a FedEx box stuffed with money the gallery goers had donated as they cast their ballots. There where 175 pieces entered in the show, and David and I each had 3. My group was Bishop of Bones, Giselle and Mother and Child displayed as a triptych. David’s method involves executing his monumental paintings while wearing 3-D glasses... There is a pair of glasses stationed in front of each of his pieces, which is a mind-blowing experience. Music provided by a funk band from DC, huge crowd full of very creative folks. Feb 2, 5th Street in Frederick MD is one to remember.
... and I was complaining about the distance when I was driving up to drop my work. Taking these leaps of faith is the way to go. I wouldn't have a career if I didn't act on these "What-the-Heck" moments.

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chelsea said...

The "what the heck" moments hold both the reason to keep on going after it all and the validation for why you do.