Thursday, January 31, 2008

Giselle pulled...

I have pulled the painting "giselle" from my website. it was originally done to talk about eating disorders and the needs of self-image with actuality. New is that an old friend, a dancer has been dealing with a life threatening illness, and I felt my painting was a bit too close for comfort. It was powerful before I had this tidbit of bad news, now I think it might be something best left for the galleries, where we can have a chance to discuss the themes, rather than smacking you in the face with it and leaving it at that. Giselle is currently hanging at the Blue Elephant Gallery in Frederick MD, flanked by two pieces that may raise eyebrows on their own.... Bishop of Bones and Mother and Child. Each is ornately framed in traditional Icon frames I had made in my studio, goldleafed and antiqued to make them look like gothic relics.

here's mother and child

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