Monday, July 13, 2015

Nixon, Ladd and Chicken Little

A tale of three friends: One of my best friends had portrait of Ex-President Richard Nixon hanging over his pillow above his bed - FULL SIZE knock-off of the official presidential portrait. I thought it strange, since it was the late 1970s, and public opinion was such that he was considered a disgraced president.

My other close friend had a poster of Cheryl Ladd stepping out of the water. This seemed more appropriate for a pubescent teenager with girls on the brain. Although quite unique, since the crowd was generally hanging the famous portrait of Farrah Fawcett in the Red One-Piece.

I can't remember anything on my walls beyond a map of the world, a few hotrod pictures and a 1968 blacklight Anti-war poster saying "Chicken Little Was Right".

One friend went on to become a police captain. The other became a successful salesman. I'm not sure how any of these images influenced the outcome of our trajectory.

I do know I haven't been very Pro-War.

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