Thursday, July 3, 2014

Diary Entry - January 1, 1922

Lydia Mull's diary entry from January 1, 1922

1922. January 1, Sunday

Last night Em, Marta and I saw the new year “in” at the Clinton Hill Baptist Church. Saw the Illustrious “auditor” – oh no! I mean ACCOUNTANT. He looked at me, I looked at him and all we said was---)(we didn’t greet each other at all). I had been skating with Marta, and I was some tired, so I didn’t enjoy the meeting as much as usual, and then, I’ve been growing “badder” or worse and worse as the days went by that I didn’t have a testimony to give wholeheartedly, that is. I did want to testify, but somehow the power of the Holy Spirit was lacking.

I didn’t go to Sunday School nor Church.

-- Diary Entry of (Tante) Lydia Mull

My cousin Sarah is kind enough to lend me Tante Lydia's 1922 Diary. This January 1st entry is the only one that is typed, so I will have to decipher the rest as I go. It's written in light pencil in a loopy cursive script that has me baffled in some passages... I have to learn to talk like a proper spinster.