Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fire Tiki Chainsaw Carving

Zdepski's Chainsaw Carving - Fire Tiki Lantern

Fire Tiki God - Lantern. This is my 3rd-ever Chainsaw carving. I hollowed a 4 foot high, 350 lb. White Pine log with branching on the top. I used a Stihl MS170 chainsaw to carve the majority, though my friend's 300 series Stihl was used to split the back and hollow the log. I use chisels to give detail and texture in many places, though it's still basically a Chainsaw carving.

Movie Walk Around with Drop Light Illumination

Zdepski's Chainsaw Carving - Fire Tiki sketch

Humble Beginnings - 4 foot Pine Log 350lbs - Sketch Idea on Right

Zdepski's Chainsaw Carving - Fire Tiki Lantern Day 3

Carving Done - Day 3 final sanding, waiting for Teeth and Paint

Zdepski's Chainsaw Carving - Fire Tiki Lantern in Black and Gold

Black exterior undercoating, and Gold Metallic sprayed on the interior surfaces to reflect the Flame/Flicker lights.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Surfing Gnome

Three days at the Shenandoah Valley Invitational Chainsaw Challenge has rendered me wrung out! I bought my first chainsaw just for this competition a few months back, but work being so busy, I've only actually carved twice. This is my third piece, if you count the dinky little skull I made when I was testing out my friend Glenn's saw. This is my second large piece, being six feet tall, and two feet in diameter.

Read the article in the Northern Virginia Daily to hear my logic... or lack thereof. I also am caught by the camera using a carving mallet and chisel... old-school.

""Carving competition attracts chainsaw artists" by Ryan Cornell

gnome sketch

What is it? It's a Gnome Surfing!

gnome carving day 1

Day One - Start with a White Pine log, 6' x 2'

gnome day 2

Day 2 - Carving mostly complete, sanded with 40 grit paper on a disc grinder.

gnome day 2 in black

Day 2 - My goal was to have the piece sealed in a black undercoating of porch paint before going home... I just made it, which meant that I would only have to deal with surface painting on the short (5 hour) final day of the competition.

gnome day 3

Day 3 - Final color applied. He will still need a coat of polyurethane to seal the paint from the weather, but he is done enough for the judges.

I won 3rd place!!! Whoo Hooooo! - The other carvers were fantastic, and really helpful. It reminded me of finals week back in the senior studios in college: loud, stressful but lots of laughter.

Video Walk Around

Three New Castle Nut Brown Ales when I got home! It was still 86° at 6pm... It really was draining.