Thursday, July 18, 2013

Planting Season

Zdepski's painting: Planting Season - 28x28 inches acrylic on canvas

Planting Season

28x28 inches acrylic on canvas

Dipped into the pigment for the first actual painting in four years. It's been sketched out on the canvas for half a year. I took the day to get my studio in shape for a commission I have, but I couldn't resist dipping in and making a mess while I prepped my paint box and brushes.

I forgot how much crud needs to be gathered together to paint somewhere other than my own studio. I need to be fully self contained, so that goes for lighting, drapery, mahl stick, fresh water container... it's not something you can put together into a single "go-bag".

Commission next Thursday; a sitting at the local gallery that reps me. The client wants something special for her wedding anniversary. Nice to be requested to do these sorts of things.

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