Monday, May 27, 2013

Barney Rubble Table

Zdepski's Maple Barney Rubble Table 1

Barney Rubble Table 1

I've spent 12 hours of Memorial Day conjuring my dear old dad and brothers by making a piece of furniture. I had planed some heavy 6 quarter rock maple with a high amount of tiger figure last year. I've been storing these same boards for nearly 20 years in various places. I broke down and make a low ( 13 inch high) and longish (42 inch long) by a ameboid natural tree edge at roughly 24 inches deep.

Zdepski's Maple Barney Rubble Table 3

The leg angles are at 8 degrees, which matches many of my other pieces. I have to still make the keys to lock the trestle into the legs... so another hand cut mortise for each side. You can see how I've had to offset the trestle and legs to accommodate the table top shape.

Zdepski's Maple Barney Rubble Table 3

I didn't work from plans... I just eyeballed the table top shape and that dictated the leg and trestle offset. You really have to rely on your gut when working with the natural edges. You can't force the tree to be a perfect rectangle if it grew on an angle. It's not for everyone, but it's the way I choose to design. It becomes a process similar to sculpture and "in the moment", rather than plans and drawings.

The table top is due for some heavy epoxy flowed into the bug/water rot regions. I really like to keep as much of nature's hand in my work, so I'm using clear epoxy to show the bug excavations below the surface. I still need to buy the epoxy, so the "Barney Rubble Table" won't have a finish on it for a few more weeks.

All the heavy work is done... as the cost of one 30 year old circular saw.

Friday, May 24, 2013

When Puppets Pray

deah lawds... stop the slaughtah of pines in the northwest

"Deah Lawds... Stop the Slaughah of Pines in the Northwest..."


Aye pray she removes her hand from mah rear end!

"Aye pray she removes her hand from mah rear end!"


Thank you Jeebus for the fetish chatroom on Christian Mingle

"Thank you Jeebus for the fetish chatroom on Christian Mingle."


I Thank you for being whittled Anatomically Correct...

"I Thank you for being whittled Anatomically Correct..."


What else would a puppet pray for? Make your own!!!

What else would a puppet pray for? Make your own!!!

You tell me in the comments below.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Memorial Jam

C.C. Chipley's Jelly

It was a touching memorial service for my friend Tom Chipley's bride's passing. "C.C." was much loved and respected member of the Mt. Jackson, VA community and art scene. She was known for her recipes and canned goods, given as gifts and brought out on special occasions. We all gathered at the Bowman-Shannon Cultural Arts Center to remember her and to gather close to Tom as a community of friends.

I was delighted to find six jars of preserves that C.C. had made before she passed on. I cut a slice of French bread into six little wedges and place a dollop of each flavored jam or chutney on each.

They were wonderful... the fruit was still snappy under the tooth, rather than being cooked to mush. C.C. had complex notes in each of her concoctions. I was blown away by the differences.

It's funny how food can tie you to someone's talents and thoughts. She was an artisan. Her art was alive on my pallet for those few minutes. I was in a communion with her art, as if she were standing by the stove top with a wooden spoon stained deep purple with summer's berries.

We gathered to celebrate her life, and I was happy she was able to attend, too.