Friday, March 22, 2013


zdepski's Swimming Hole illustration for Corporal Punishment Series

The Swimming Hole
Some kids had above-ground... other kids had in-ground Pools. We had a hose!!
"Con Found the Doggon Thing Anyhow!! Oh Good Night!!" -- Dad's Tirade
Dad yelled at us to stop or we'd burn out the water pump.
So... We all got Impetigo from the Crap-filled creek.
The next year we got a YMCA pool membership.

Yep... it's all true. Part of my Corporal Punishment Series. Search the label to see more like it.

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Honeydew Branchweed said...

Hilarious! We had an above-grounder. Funny memories of what then seemed like torture. Compared to this ... it was Shangri La! Love the illustration ...