Friday, December 16, 2011

IF: Sink

Zdepski's watercolor painting Flawed Flotation
Sinking or Flawed Flotation

Bummer time at Summer Camp, good think the life-jacket is tied on tightly.

Winsor & Newton watercolor on Fabriano.
copping out today. have too much going on - rehashing a previous piece from 2009. click it to enlarge.


michele said...

Nice job w/ the watercolors!
This picture tells an all too familiar tale at this time of the year- Happy Holidays to you! :o)

Indigene said...

Have a great holiday! Love the colors in this!

Bct Tiles said...

Great,You job with water color is really awesome.

Bct Tiles said...

Great,You job with watercolor is really awesome.I like to seen your picture with watercolor.

Anonymous said...

I love your watercolor sketch. Great job1