Thursday, October 27, 2011

JuJu Man

rendition of Mark Zdepski's JuJu Man character by Paul Zdepski
Rendition of Mark Zdepski's "Fairmount the JuJu Man" Character

My brother Mark is guy that laughs a lot. He's one to spend time on a frivolous project just to raise an eyebrow. He's a geologist by trade and a master woodturner by choice. He's always coming across beautiful types of wood or odd pieces of "wind fall". A while ago, Mark found a bizarre root structure that he thought looked anthropomorphic. He clearly saw arms, legs, torso and a huge schmeckle to complete the package.
Mark Zdepski's JuJu Man character in the Nude
Mark Zdepski's "Fairmount the JuJu Man" in the Nude

Mark Zdepski's JuJu Man character
Mark Zdepski's "Fairmount the JuJu Man" Character

This year for Halloween, Mark has named his rootman, Fairmount. He's dressed him in a grass skirt, given him a Horseshoe Crab chestplate and a Deer Pelvis mask with glowing red LED lights for eyes. He's been showing Fairmount around to friends, including driving into town with him in the passenger seat.

When I saw Fairmount all dressed up, I couldn't help thinking of him as a Tiki Witchdoctor. SO, I riffed off of my brother's sculpture to create the drawing above. My drawing isn't as cool as the real deal, but no one can duplicate the original Fairmount!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

nude figure marathon

Rockville Nude Figure Marathon, Portrait 2 - Paul Zdepski
Portrait of a Black Male - Rockville Session
I took part in the 12 hours of Figure Drawing at Rockville Art Center in Rockville, MD yesterday. This was the first time I've worked from life since the 2008 session at the Society of Illustrators in New York. See them here.

I got there an hour late, due to living an easy 100 miles away, then proceeded to carve out a space among the 40 artists already present. I set up my French easel, which is packed with lead tubes of oil paint, very heavy. My drawings below are on Strathmore 500 Series Charcoal paper, which has a nice tooth and square grid weave.
Rockville Nude Figure Marathon, Portrait 6 - Paul Zdepski
10 Minute Portraits, Male - Rockville Session

The models were scheduled to do 2 hours. They varied from male, female, Latin, Black, White and REALLY White (Redhead). Each drawing pose on paper is 5 or 10 minute sessions. The longer poses were 3 sessions of 20 minutes each. The long poses were where I broke out my paints. I used cheap acrylic; Liquitex Basics and white Liquitex Gesso on clear Liquitex Gessoed Cardboard or pre-primed Aquarelle Arches Hot Press 140lb watercolor block paper. I took the Liquitex paint and a paper towel to prep the surfaces with a smeary texture.

I found that after a few full figure attempts, I was more focused on the portraiture. I ditched the idea of trying to capture the whole figure, and drilled in to try to capture the person's likeness.
Rockville Nude Figure Marathon, Maria Supine - Paul Zdepski
Maria Supine - Rockville Session
Rockville Nude Figure Marathon, Portrait 3 - Paul Zdepski
Portrait of a White Male - Rockville Session
Rockville Nude Figure Marathon, Portrait 4 - Paul Zdepski
Portrait of a Redheaded Female - Rockville Session
Rockville Nude Figure Marathon, Drawings of Maria 5 - Paul Zdepski
Drawings of Maria - Rockville Session
Rockville Nude Figure Marathon, Portrait 7 - Paul Zdepski
Drawings of a Redhead 7 - Rockville Session

I confess, I pussed out - I only lasted 9 of the 12 hours. I was seeing double since I was staring at the spotlight on the other side of the room all day. Headaches take precedence to drawing.

Friday, October 21, 2011

IF: Fuel

Out of Gas - Space Illustration by paul zdepski
Out of Gas

... another spacey illustration. I didn't make it to last week's word, "Scattered" - so I combined it with this week's word, Fuel to create an organic space machine, stuck and out of gas on some distant rock. The piece is a pencil drawing merged with a NASA photo and plenty of Photoshop CS5 to color, dodge and highlight with my Wacom Intuos3 tablet.

click to enlarge the frustration and galactic swearing.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

IF: Contraption

zdepski's digital illustration - CA mower
Tribute to Big Daddy Roth - Rat Fink. My contraption.
I developed this illustration in March of 2010, and have juiced it up a bit with some atmospheric smoke in the region around the figure, to make him pop, as well as back lighting on the mower to make it "reverse pop" against the flames.
The drawing is a merger of a 1940s Chevy and a Push Mower.... Stupid, I know.
California Mower - Briggs and Stratton
zdepski's line drawing - CA mower

Saturday, October 1, 2011

IF: Hibernate

zdepski's illustration of a Cosmonaut asleep in his space suit.
Hibernate Mode
Space men need rest too. Fearless Explorer Comrade Cosmonaut needs to take a break while surveying a crystalline asteroid.

Corel Painter for the black lines - Photoshop for the color and NASA photo composting.

shhhh.... he's asleep.

click to enlarge.