Sunday, August 28, 2011

VA Earthquake 2011

Zdepski's Shed falls off the foundation during the VA Earthquake of 2011
Damage hits home... more like hits my Garden Shed. I have a huge amount of figured maple, both curly and birds-eye stacked on the right-hand side to 4 x 4.5 x 10 feet. That plus a snowblower, bicycles, garden and construction tools and a 30 foot ladder hanging off the side makes for a prime earthquake casualty. I didn't notice until today, since I needed the grass trimmer. There she is, uninsured and needing to be rebuilt. No money blues, since it all goes to Virginia Commonwealth University, where my daughter had to pickup a pile of clothes that fell from her closet.

Gonna have to dig piers and set footings for the rebuild... bigger-stronger-faster.
I needed to make it big enough to handle the blue mower in the seen to the right of the photo. It's far to big to fit through the door.

I experienced the 5.9 earthquake while at work. I thought the guy across the cubicle wall had a "Jimmy Leg". He's bounced it in the past when nervous about a big project. I looked up to tell him to cut it out, to find him looking at me to stop MY Jimmy Leg! The frequency of the bouncing stayed the same, but the waves got bigger and the sound was like a freight train crossing, or a Chinook helicopter coming in to land. In 30 seconds, it was over. No worse for wear, other than a cracked window in the office suite on the other side of the building (Area B). That was it, until I discovered the Shed taking a Dump.

Well, we got off easy.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

IF: Disguise

Zdepski's illustration of King Wannapayday on a Shark Surfboard
Tiki Drinking on a Shark Surfboard
King Wannapayday is catching a wave - hanging loose on a tiger shark.
This piece has got to work as a poster element and stand alone T-shirt design.
Corel Painter and Photoshop executed on a Wacom Cintiq.
Click to enlarge.

weekend portraits

zdepski's portrait of the Apple Store Lady
I spent my Friday evening at the Apple Store in Fair Oaks Mall, an hour ahead of my scheduled "Genius Bar" appointment. I kick around a bit, but then decided to knock out a portrait of the hipster scheduling the meetings. She kept moving, but did go back to predictable postures and mannerisms. I colored my pencil drawings in Photoshop.
zdepski's portrait of Tom Chipley
The other three are friends from a new Saturday morning drawing group meeting a Carmella's restaurant, 102 South Main Street, Edinburg VA. You may recognize Tom Chipley from the Gallery Book. Tom often sports a colorful bandana. I met is lovely bride, too. Great folks. Thanks for picking up the check TOM! Tom's portrait was done in watercolor over my pencil drawing... you can see how the paper buckled.
zdepski's portrait of Jamie
Jamie is another friend from the Mt. Jackson arts group, and was trying her hand at watercolor. Ironically, Jamie's portrait is colored digitally...

zdepski's portrait of Car,e;;a

Our statuesque hostess, Carmella has the bearing of a ballet dancer. I almost asked her what company she was with. She sat down with us and knocked out a lovely pencil drawing before duty called her to serve another group of customers.

Fun had by all, and lots of laughs around the table. Thanks to all - you made it a lot of fun. Hope to return for another Saturday session.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grub Fairy

zdepski's illustration of the Gift of the Grub Fairy

The Gift of the Grub Fairy

A SWELL gift from a SWOLLEN grub.

This is a little bug study, morphed into a fantasy piece. I gave my Grubby subject a little crown based on the shell of a Japanese Beetle - The little human-ish figure is a Fairy Folk of some sort, I didn't imagine much of a back story for him when I was developing the piece. I just thought it would be as if the Grub Fairy was rewarding him with a special necklace for some heroic deed.

Pencil, Corel Painter 11 and Adobe Photoshop all with the Wacom Cintiq.
Click to enlarge the picture.

Friday, August 5, 2011

IF: Imperfect

zdepski's illustration of singer Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse

We all fail in life from time to time. Some people seem to struggle with it a bit more openly than others. I like Amy's singing, but cringed at her lifestyle. I guess her struggles with imperfection are over. Hate to see anyone go out like that. Rest in Peace.

Sad to say that I got an anonymous comment that I was profiting from a death by doing this portrait. No, this isn't a commission, or being used in any article. It's just something from my sketchbook this week; a commentary on a tragedy. There is no profit in such a death, but we can learn from what has been a very, very public struggle with addiction, and also disgusting coverage of every inch of her downfall.

graphite and digital color - Intuos3 tablet in Photoshop

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bushy and Baldy

zdepski's shrunken head named Baldy
"Baldy" Shrunken Head
The boys have been separated into individual pieces, so they can hang on either side of a painted piece down at the Shenandoah Arts Center in Winchester VA. I placed each on a piece of curly maple with natural edging and a hand planed chamfer edging. They're offered for $300 each at the gallery, or $450 for both through this special blog posting.

zdepski's shrunken head named Bushy
"Bushy" Shrunken Head

Each is sculpted from Super Sculpy, with bamboo, bone, shells and various stones from my wife's jewelry box.... no tattling on me. Bushy sports yards and yards of leather chord, commonly used on necklaces and bracelets. I lovingly shoved each strand into each follicle hole with a dab of super glue. Each shrunken head is mounted via bamboo pins to an 8 x 5.5 inch piece of curly maple, signed and dated on front and back, with keyhole routed into the back for hanging on the wall.

They need a good spooky home.