Friday, July 15, 2011

IF: Gesture

zdepski's Swimming Hole illustration for Corporal Punishment Series

The Swimming Hole
Some kids had above-ground... other kids had in-ground Pools. We had a hose!!
"Con Found the Doggon Thing Anyhow!! Oh Good Night!!" -- Dad's Tirade
Dad yelled at us to stop or we'd burn out the water pump.
So... We all got Impetigo from the Crap-filled creek.
The next year we got a YMCA pool membership.

The gesture was there... it didn't quite work out the way we planned.
The latest in the Corporal Punishment Series. Click to enlarge the Summer-time Fun!

Also: DOWNLOAD the new 24 page Gallery Book for my joint show at James Madison University! HERE IT IS

For those that couldn't make the opening, click the link above to check out the accompanying gallery book with an introduction by WMRA/NPR contributing reporter, Martha Woodroof. If you're in the region (Virginia) between now and October 3rd, stop by the WMRA studios for a tour of the show.


Connie said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I was just last night googling the YMCA in Joliet, Illinois, thinking back to my membership in the early 50s! Love your drawing style.

Linda Hensley said...

Is it wrong for me to laugh at your impetigo? I wonder why I didn't get it since my mom wouldn't let us play with the hose either, and I spent a lot of time in the river. We got a Y membership too. Fun illo :)

Greg Newbold said...

Hope you didn't swallow too much!

INDIGENE said...

It's wonderful! :) I love how you set up your illustrations...contrast, etc.