Tuesday, June 14, 2011

IF: Swept

zdepski's character study of Baba Yaga sweeping her porch
Baba Yaga Sweeping Her Porch
When I read the Illustration Friday word, "Swept", I thought of "Brooms". I couldn't get past the simplest solution, which is someone sweeping... but, who? Why?

Witches are always associated with brooms. Ok... Cliche witch riding a broom? No.

I figured I tie it back to my Ukrainian roots, and have Baba Yaga doing something. How about sweeping her Hut that has Chicken Legs? How about sweeping her porch? What is a porch on a legged hut?

Why am I asking so many questions for an Illustration Friday project?

Here's Baba Yaga sweeping her porch, whistling a little Spring Cleaning tune. A Twitter friend said she looks very "Flintstones" - I have to agree

Cintiq in Photoshop - used a Primary pallet, Red, Blue and Yellow... I think I could use a couple of different pallet approaches. I'm not satisfied with the RBY pallet.


Susanna said...

hahaha..i have used the cliché with riding a broom!! this one is great, baby sweeping her porch and the story behind it!

Linda Hensley said...

Makes me want to learn more about Baba Yaga stories. I kind of enjoy your free associations in response to the IF prompt. Nice job!

Cyndia said...

Orginal! I like how it looks simple like simple artwork but yet there was alot of thought into it.