Friday, June 3, 2011

IF: Shadows

Professor Becker smoking a cigar by Paul Zdepski
Professor Becker Smoking
My friend BJ Becker was kind enough to pose for a number of us while in New York a few years back. BJ is a handsome guy, dresses to the nines, full head of hair and sports a monocle. You can't ask for more!

Upon reading this week's Illustration Friday subject, I immediately thought of the old TV soap opera, "DARK SHADOWS" from the late 1960s. I was a bit young, but was fascinated by Barnabas Collins (played by Johnathan Frid), the resident Vampire on the show. I thought BJ had a bit of that same Gothic mystery about him in this pose, so I put a monogrammed ring on his little finger and illuminated it with the glow of the cigar.

I have been lax about painting directly in the digital realm, and thought I should do a grisaille in grays. I cheated by adding the cigar glow.


Indigene said...

OMGoodness! I loved Dark Shadows! It used to come on when I came home for lunch from school, I thought it was so scary! Barnabas was the man! Lol! I would have thought, you weren't born when this series was out...

Anyhow, I adore what you've done with this piece, it's mysterious, melodramatic and just so cool. You should try to see the bloopers from DS, they are hysterical, since it was given such a low budget to work with. Oops, sorry, such a long post...wonderful work as usual! :)

Kerry Schofield said...

Oh WOW, I loved Dark Shadows when I was a kid in the 60s! It was my favorite to watch. Your illustration does have that "Gothic" scary feel to it, good job!

michele said...

Wow! The wearing of the monocle!? As if this wasn't spooky and dramatic on its own, connecting it to "Dark Shadows" is seriously bringing back some old time chills and thrills! Beautifully drawn! :o)

Honeydew Branchweed said...

The Professor looks as though he holds some dark secrets hidden in those dark shadows. I love the painting. The glow is perfect.