Friday, April 15, 2011

Clash of the Idiots

Mortimer the Robin on Zdepski's black car
There is a Robin, lets call him "Mortimer" to avoid slander, who seems to think the reflection in my studio door is challenging him to a fight over territory. The same Reflection lives in the finish of my bride's black car. So Mortimer proceeds to fly into the window, peck and crap all over the door and car. This little jerk has been doing this for the last four days.

I called the local farm supply store and have requested a bobble-head garden owl, but it won't be in until Thursday next... Mortimer continues to bludgeon the bird in the mirror.

Out comes my scissors and Illustration Morgue file to the rescue! Open file drawer A-C, under "Animals-Birds" and "Animals-Cats", I found some large magazine photos I had clipped in the mid-90s from Nat Geo, Smithsonian and Audubon magazines. I cut out a few scary predator photos, like a Calico Cat, Bald Eagle, Condor and Falcon. I taped them in a few panes of window-glass.

zdepski's photo of bird deterrent

It Worked! Mortimer has stopped flying at the glass... for one day.
He's back. Crapping on the car and flapping his crap laden wings on my nice studio glass. Jerk-weed.

It may come down to waiting for the bobble-head to arrive.

No... I don't own a BB gun. No, I couldn't shoot him if I wanted to, because he sits on the car and my neighbor's house is on the other side.


chad said...

This is too funny...

Zina said...

Hahhah! I like your reason for not shooting him with a BB gun!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! awesome!

Justin said...

See, creativity is better than getting a BB gun!

My dad has all these birds on his porch and always claims ownership over them as if they're his own family. It makes me realize that that type of love is the exact reason none of the birds fear my fat cats or us...they know exactly what their territory is, and no fat cat will stop them. Now that just ain't right.