Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sing Sing Sing - 1 Act Opera

Zdepski's cover to sing sing sing
I'm in the midst of writing a 16 page "zine" called "Sing Sing Sing, a One Act Opera". The premise is about a young girl named Hazel that wakes up one Sunday morning singing. It progresses from there. I have been doing a pile of portraits this week, all former Nazi guards and doctors. They're an integral part of the piece, becoming an "aside" on the right-hand page as the story progresses on the left-hand page.
Zdepski's page 9 of Sing Sing Sing
Zdepski's page 11 of Sing Sing Sing

So far, I only plan on doing a few short run versions, and a PDF, but I hope to see if I can get the entire piece published through the DC Conspiracy group publications, as part of an upcoming collection.

still very early on, but thinking of marketing outlets.


Ellen Byrne said...

this is going to give me serious nightmares!

Anonymous said...

nice blog..nice work

the word "schlampe" i the nure's name means exactly the samelike "bitch" in english and I guess there's noone in Germany who bears that name.. you should consider changing it. for me as german it looks a bit ridiculous.. no offense intended, just waned to inform you :)

zillustration said...

Thanks Anonymous - yes, I know the meaning. I put it there as a tribute to the women that suffered under the concentration camp guard Koch. They referred to her as Schlampe-Koch... the Bitch. That is who's portrait I based it upon. All of the doctors and nurses are Nazi doctors or guards.