Monday, October 11, 2010

Sketchday DC

zdepski's watercolor sketch of a cafe in washington DC
The Illustrators Club of DC, MD and VA had our first sketch day on the National Mall yesterday, 10-10-10. A small group of nine started at the West building of the National Gallery and fanned out to sculpture gardens, coffee houses and various monuments. I was hanging with my friend David Labrozzi - which means "pencils down... I need coffee."

I did a watercolor at the Starbucks street cafe at 6th and Indiana. It was the first watercolor in a year. I was a bit stiff. My watercolor rig is Lucas travel pallet (12 colors) on D'Arches 140lb. 12x16 inch hotpress block and my lucky Ticonderoga 2B pencils. The watercolor block is great because it becomes its own drawing table and the waxed edges don't allow the saturated paper to buckle as you work.

The second in an amalgam of various pudgy guys on the street, waiting at the corner for the light to turn green. I looked at this one again this morning and thought he looks a bit like my dad... or ME for that matter.

zdepski's watercolor sketch of a cafe in washington DC



michele said...

This looks like a lot of fun! Great work! And the second sketch could do double duty for "transportation," too! :o)

zillustration said...

You're right, Michele!