Saturday, August 28, 2010

Burliuk's Mother

The Cossack Burliuk's Mother, Evdokia beating a Turk_closeup.
To continue the stories of the heroic Cossack Burliuk, we have to know a bit about his family life. All life springs from our mothers, and Burliuk was sprung from some tough stock. Evdokia would drop you to the ground for the slightest infraction of Cossack etiquette.

The picture you see is the time a Turkman warrior insulted Burliuk's horse, Mazepa. He quickly apologized to the horse and the entire village for raising so much dust while being beaten.
The Cossack Burliuk's Mother, Evdokia beating a Turk.

Burliuk's Mom and Dopf are done in my drawing program, SketchbookPro with my Cintiq. I color and texturized the drawing in Adobe Photoshop.

Click to enlarge the Whomping!


michele said...

Hee hee! Burliuk and I might be siblings! Do they make moms like this any more?

Davin said...

Paul, I absolutely love the "patina" in this image!