Saturday, July 31, 2010

Twins from Siam

zdespki's sideshow poster illustration of Siamese Twins
Zim and Zam, Twins from Siam

I needed a new poster for my side-show series. The previous week's Illustration Friday word was Double, but I didn't have this together in time to post. The series is really feeling like it's in a groove. I'm stoked about the textures I'm getting, and still satisfied with my drawing being true to my sketchbook.

I originally was going to go with a memory drawing of the famous Siamese Twins, in their Three-piece suits, but I wanted to get this as insensitive and boorish as possible, without tipping into the realm of "lout".

it's a fine line I walk...

Executed in my Sketchbook, then Wacom Cintiq with SketchbookPro and Photoshop
Click to enlarge my cultural insensitivity.

IF: Artificial

Artificial Turf : Rams Scrimmage

zdepski's sketch of a biddy football watercolor of the Strasburg Rams

Little Rams football team... I was a Riegle Ridge Ram for one season, in 1975... My daughter and son are Rams, but for a different town, in a different state. strange.

Watercolor on Fabriano

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Corporal Punishment - Video

Here's my latest video effort: Corporal Punishment with a simple backing track I mixed up in Apple's Garageband app. Just trying to drive more traffic to my website and garner some illustration work in the process. Next is "Space Madness".

Sunday, July 25, 2010

IF Double

zdepski's digital illustration of a Commie Trapper

zdepski's digital illustration, the Motorcyclist

Double Deuces - The two of spuds - Comrade Trapper and Comrade Motorcyclist
Cintiq Digital Illustration - Click to enlarge

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gallery Wall

Zdepski's thesis hanging at the Joeseloff Gallery in Hartford CT
Glad to have the thesis up and in the hands of the powers that be in Hartford... on of those powers being Power Boothe, Dean of the Hartford Art School. I was a bit concerned the pieces wouldn't fit within my allotment of fourteen and a half feet at the Joeseloff Gallery on the campus of UH. I had to double stack two sets of spreads, and squeeze the 3-D piece into the middle. At the end of the day, I think it may be crowded, but it looks fine. The best it gets.
Zdepski's thesis hanging at the Joeseloff Gallery in Hartford CT
My thesis has been well received by the faculty. Chris Spollen was on my review board, and can be seen holding a copy of my thesis during a critique with Danny Pelavin. These two instructors are a great mix of ideas, banter and energy. I feel a lot of good ideas flowing within the studio time we're having together.

I'm getting to know many of the 1st year folks, which is a challenge with the intense scheduling. I made an effort to wander into the common dining room at the hotel last night to see a few of the 2nd year folks cranking out their homework. I was able to work on mine also, but started talking and will have a bunch of catch-up to do today in the computer lab.

Friday, July 9, 2010

IF: Diary

zdepski's various sketchbooks
Here is the closest I come to a diary... my sketchbooks. I have kept them since 1975. The only reason I remember is the image I did of my Dad, with the date clearly on the newspaper.
zdepski's portrait of his father in 1975

I go through two or three per year, dating them on the cover and spine when finished. They become a priceless image and idea mine. Likewise, this blog has filled a Diary roll over the last two years. I don't get too personal, but I do journal my ideas here.
zdepski's various sketchbooks
now I seem to draw on anything... then scan them into the computer.

Copping out? Maybe. I need to pack for school...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shrunken Heads - Step One

Zdepski's shrunken heads, Moe and Joe in a preliminary stage
I started sculpting a couple of shrunken heads as an experiment and preliminary to a full-blown "scene" of Shrunken Head on a Surfboard, like Emma Eating Beneath Eaves. The heads are 3"W x 2"H x 3"D, sculpted in Super Sculpy and baked to a nice crusty finish.

Moe, on the left is from last night, and Joe, on the right, is from yesterday's lunch hour. Joe has been pierced with a small drill bit to receive doll hair and ear-rings PRIOR to firing. Moe is pristine - as sculpted - to be drilled with the same bit on the hardened head. I want to see which is easier. Joe was always risking hole distortion as I was twisting the drill bit into his skull... I had to re-shape him a few times with all the added handling.

I will be sanding, painting and "hair-club-for-menning" these bad boys. I'll post the progress. If they're not too much of a lift, I'll make more for sale. These may just get a three-dee scan to create a couple of CAD armatures from... Then, who knows?

World Wide!

zdepski's Shrunken Head tiki on surfboard in pencil
Shrunken Head Tiki on a Surfboard is the scene I will be sculpting - If this works out the way I plan.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Book BInding

Zdepski's Master of Fine Arts in Illustration Thesis bound copies
The long road to a bound thesis is done. I called my friend Jill Deiss at Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding in Winchester VA to do the job.

She cheerfully said, "Bring it on!"

Zdepski's photo of Jill Diess, Book Binder

Jill and her crew are multi-talented and true book-arts professionals. They specialize in restoration of old and cherished books, which David Labrozzi and I witnessed first-hand as she showed a beautiful restoration of one of the "Red Rose Girls", Jessie Wilcox Smith's "A Child's Book of Old Verses". Jill was able to lift the original inset plate from the old cover and place it on the new binding. I haven't mentioned the number of pages Jill had to strengthen with new paper, healing old wounds.

Zdepski's photo of Jill Diess and Jessie Wilcox Smith restoration

Many thanks to Jill - I received five hardbound volumes, two with slip cases, to bring with me to Hartford. I had to roll off to Staples for some standard ring binding versions, which are the "working" editions given to the review board. These beautifully bound yellow cloth versions are the archival requirement meant to go into the University of Hartford library and archive. The two versions with slip-cases are returning with me to Virginia after I have the board sign them.

Check out Jill's site: Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding. I'm sure she'd love to hear about your next project, too.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Emma Figurine

"E is for Emma Eating Beneath Eaves"
IF: Giant
Zdepski's dogBaby figurine - Emma Full
Zdepski's dogBaby Emma illustration

Here's the final version of Emma - Done in Super Sculpey - painted with acrylic. I added clear sparkle paint to give it an opalescent glow. Obviously "Giant" compared with the original illustration, but the display stand isn't supposed to be in scale. It's there to show the figure.

Now to drop a Keyhole cutter in my router on the back, so it hangs flat on the wall.

It passed my "teenage girl" test - My daughter likes it. The "Grade school boy" test was a thumbs up, too.

...mmmm... Jelly Sandwich.

Click any image to enlarge.

Zdepski's Dogbaby figurine -- Emma, first angle
Zdepski's Dogbaby figurine -- Emma, second angle