Thursday, May 20, 2010

Washington City Paper Interview

Zdepski's illustration of the Muscular Tree Monkey - Corporal Punishment Series
I was interviewed by Mike Rhode, a journalist covering the Cartoon and Graphic Novel industry. I was part of Matt Dembicki's Trickster Anthology of Native American tales, which had been reviewed earlier in the City Paper. He posted the interview online yesterday morning, and I've been waiting for the comments... so far, nothing negative.

I'm really pleased they used one of my Corporal Punishment pieces... He chose the "Muscular Tree Monkey" as the piece to run. I've been so juiced by this series, and I want to get it out there and seen.

Many thanks and much respect to Mike for including me in his pub.

Don't miss the quotes like;

"I live in a development of homes that look the same, but have different junk in their backyards."


"I’m not unlike a sponge… only different… with bones."

Read the full interview here at Washington City Paper online.

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Chad Grohman said...

Great news Paul. Getting it seen.