Friday, May 7, 2010

IF: Fearless

Zdepski's illustration of the Muscular Tree Monkey - Corporal Punishment Series
Super Hero "Tree Monkey"

My Sister Jean had a Barbie®
Knock-off named Babette (No R)

Greg & Mark put Babette's
Legs in the Arm Sockets &
Arms in the Leg Sockets

They Strung her from the Ceiling
with their Planes

Her Name was changed to
The Muscular Tree Monkey

I did this over the last week, piece by piece. My brother had a sneak peek last night, and wrote back that I had the name wrong... Not "Articulated", but "Muscular" Tree Monkey. There are 12 years between us, and I was very young at the time of this)

I'll changed it this weekend and re-loaded the image to the blog. Other items, like the "Hang in there Baby!" and "Rat Fink Hot Rod" posters are accurate to the time period...

I doubt the bed was made...

Babette - Unsung Super Hero.

Cintiq with Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop.
Click the Picture to enlarge the fun!

Brother Mark writes:

To increase the accuracy, In my memory it was called the “muscular tree monkey”. If memory serves me correctly the arms had more curvature so the hands met nicely making a more circular opening under the torso. I had to drill small holes through the ankles to thread through some fishing line so it hung straight down, not flying like superman. I’d bought the doll from jean for what seemed like a substantial sum, greater than $5.00, perhaps $20.00 ( I was flush with cash after working for (farmer) Bill Stamets picking up bales). When she saw it she complained to mom and I had to give it back to her. I don’t think I got my money back either, mom was not amused. I really like the Stuka dive bomber in attack position, as I had a model of one at the time.

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Ana said...

Poor little sister of yours.