Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trickster at Amazon

FINALLY... my first digital illustration project has made it to print. I am one of twenty-one illustrators paired with Native American writers to create a compilation of folk tales dealing with various "Tricksters" across all of the cultures.

Coordinator/Editor Matt Dembicki paired me with a writer from Honolulu Hawai'i by the name of Thomas Cummings. Thomas recounts the legend of Puapualenalena, Wizard Dog of the Waipi'o Valley. Puapualenalena must recover the sacred Conch shell trumpet from the evil and nasty U'Hané demons.

In the course of the journey, I corresponded with a very helpful Hula expert named Leilehua Yuen. Leilehua gave me pointers about dress and hair styles - really quite detailed.

zdepski's digital illustration of Puapualenalena stealing the talisman conch

As projects go, it was stressful, since I was launching into unknown territory, but as an experience, I thought it was great.

You can buy your own copy online for around $16 via Trickster at Amazon

Buy one for yourself, one for your local library and one for your car.

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Chad Grohman said...

Thats fantastic Paul.