Monday, March 29, 2010

José Cruz Reaction Paper

zdepski's portrait and link to the PDF paper on José Cruz

Here's the latest effort from the MFA's Ft. Worth session in March. I did my reaction paper on Dallas artist, José Cruz. He was a blast to listen to, and his correspondence since the talk has been very helpful to making a well-rounded and accurate paper. There are active links within the PDF - I suggest you click and view more of his work via those weblinks.

It's a 8 page PDF 635Kb: José Cruz Reaction Paper

give it a read.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

IF: Rescue

zdepski's digital illustration - jason's jolly hijinx
Jason is flying down the coaster buggy hill - FULL SPEED and headed right for Mr. Stamets' barbed wire fence! Dog-gone kid's gonna need a vet, real soon... call the Rescue Squad!

zdepski's digital illustration - jason's jolly hijinx

Spread 5 - J and K from the Thesis - I still need to pop a few items in the foreground, but I wanted something live for Illustration Friday, since I missed last week... rush rush rush.

Jason's Jolly Hi-Jinx
Kelly Kicking a Kite

click to enlarge
Digital - SketchBookPro and Photoshop - Wacom Cintiq

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

7 miles up

zdepski's iphone painting out the airplane window

painting at 35K feet - the brushes app for the iphone - looking out the window at Texas, west of Dallas.

Click the player to watch me paint it...
finger and the iphone - brushes application

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Texas Drawings

zdepski's moleskine drawings while in texas
here are a few moleskine pages while in texas
pencil on paper
top left - Murray Tinkelman, not believing the line of bullshit he is hearing...
top right - the Johnny Reb grounds keeper from the hotel.
bottom left - extreme stretch on Bill from a low angle during the crit.
bottom right - Doug peeks his head around the corner to get a better look at a piece on display.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Peter Collins, Illustrator

The illustrations of the late, great Peter Collins
My college buddy, Peter passed away on Sunday. The crew from the UARTs class of '99 are in shock - He was so full of life and adventure. An avid outdoors man and recorder of nature, both real and imagined. I cherish the time he came to my studio and drew for my son, page after page...

Pete, I miss you and grieve with your family. Thanks for making me laugh so hard I had to run for the bathroom.

Above are some of Pete's fantastic acrylic paintings, all for a flying fish mobile. I love his work... like jewels - click to enlarge.

Memorial Information:
Friday March 26, 2010 - service 11am (open to everyone) at Providence United Methodist Church: 1318 Providence Rd. Towson, MD 21286. There will be a reception afterward.

In lieu of flowers, we'd welcome anyone who wishes to contribute to Ducks Unlimited in Peter's honor. It's a wetlands and waterfowl conservation group and celebrates his passion for wildlife and nature. or 1-800-45DUCKS

You can pay over the phone or there is a memorial donation form online to print and mail with a check (it's attached as well).

Family Address:
The Collins Family
918 Fairway Dr.
Towson, MD 21286

Of course, there is no need to send anything, but we figured he'd rather have any money spent used in this way.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Texas 2 Step

zdepski's photo of cowgirl barrel races
zdepski's photo of redneck store
zdepski's photo of blindfolded dancer
zdepski's photo of calf roping
zdepski's photo of Chad Grohman playing pool
zdepski's photo of Cowboy Kata

back from the big ole state of Texas - Had some wonderful weather, until Saturday's bitterly cold rain and snow. Here are some of my snaps

  1. Cowgirl barrel races at the Stockyards Rodeo - Ft. Worth

  2. Redneck's Store, Note Catfish heads nailed to the fence on left - South of Ft. Worth

  3. Woman who thought she was in a Blindfolded Dance contest, but was dancing by herself at the Stockyards Rodeo - Ft. Worth

  4. Calf roping at the Stockyards Rodeo - Ft. Worth

  5. Chad Grohman about to break - Billy Bob's, Ft. Worth

  6. Cowboy Kata - bull rider going through his ride - Stockyards Rodeo, Ft. Worth

Saturday, March 13, 2010

IF: Subterranean

zdepski's illustration of bobby burying a bone
Bobby is digging deep in Mrs. Van Bentheisen's backyard. Fourteen feet wide, and twelve inches deep - I don't think he's ready to stop just yet...

he can still see daylight.

digital - Wacom Intuos3 in Corel Painter X and Photoshop CS2 - Needs more work, but the color is close.

Click to enlarge.

Friday, March 12, 2010

spreads 13 n 14

Zdepski's illustration Yvette's Yellow Yak
Zdepski's illustration Zhana's Zany Zebra
Close relationships, so you can see how I'm tying the pages together - one huge panorama. Lots of ebb and flow. the files are huge - 300dpi, some nearly 30 inches wide, and the layers are deep.

the new box seems to be dealing with the load. I'm asking a lot of it, and it's delivering.

Top: Yvette's Yellow Yak
Bottom: Zhana's Zany Zebra

Click the images to enlarge the pictures to 1000px wide

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chimps - Color

Three pages of color - Chimps in a state of "Want"... gotta get the balloon.
digital illustration for my thesis project. Detail to show the piece up close - 27 x 7 inch spread overall. Looking into printing this out as a single image for the thesis show.

Click to enlarge to 800 pixels wide... more monkey than you can handle.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chimps - Count 'em

zdepski's line work for the final spread in his ABC book
I think there are 62, but I may have skipped one, or counted one twice. I'm pretty bleary eyed - This image runs three pages - you can see the first incarnation of this on my thesis website: The piece is nearly entirely digital - done in SketchbookPro - color this week.

Zhana's Zany Zebra
28" x 7" - 300 dpi
click to view it at 800 pixels wide.

Friday, March 5, 2010

IF: Brave

zdepski's digital illustration Whale vs Squid
Whale vs. Squid - The epic undersea battle! Not for the faint of heart - ONLY the BRAVE dare to enter the ring! Scupper the Puffer hangs on the sidelines, ala Rocky's Trainer. Clash of the Titans... or the Krakens!

Another Blue piece... What is going on with my color? There has to be a deep rooted reason, or my button is stuck on my keyboard!

Fully digital piece - Trying out a new program, Sketchbook Pro - I like it, but was disappointed when I realized the final was only 100dpi - I like to work at 300 as a rule. This allows me to print the finals for high quality reproduction or gallery display. I will have to look into the default settings prior to the next piece.
I did all of the pencil work in Sketchbook Pro, then ported them into Photoshop for the color work. Digging the fully digital approach. No problem with eraser jimmies on my scanner bed.

Click the picture to get you feet fully wet.

AARGGG! Look at that horizon line... totally in the center! If I wasn't rushing I would have caught that and moved it up or down. Oh well - IF blunder.

Monday, March 1, 2010


zdepski's digital illustration - CA mower
A pile of adjustments to the initial digital file. i got into Illustrator and put together a flame row for my border treatment. The Briggs and Stratton logo is from the 1950s, which is exactly the timeline I was shooting for. I don't want to rip-off Big Daddy Roth "RatFink", but I do want to try to react to that whole scene, as an outsider that only had a lawnmower to make noise with... not a cool hotrod.

Digital - Cintiq in Photoshop - Click the image for the 800 px wide version.