Friday, September 18, 2009

IF: Infinite

zdepski's digital illustration of the electric wizard

Off into the Infinite Beyond

I've been haunted by this image since reading Elizabeth Stuckey-French's story The Electric Wizard in the Atlantic Monthly back in 1998. I did a pencil drawing and oil painting back then, but wasn't fully pleased with the results. I have revisited it here for Illustration Friday's word "Infinite". The mystereous kid is killed by a jolt of electricity and vaulted into eternity...


the poor little bastard is a mystery to everyone... no one really has any strong memory about him... He was like the wallpaper in life.

a great read.

Just in from the author:

"Wow! What a wonderful wonderful illustration...I love it. And a great surprise and delight to know you're still thinking about my story. Thanks so much for sending it to me. It's amazing the way you captured the emotional landscape of the story. It's beautiful.

Pencil to Digital - Click to Enlarge.


Adam Foster-Fahy said...

This is a really lovely image! I really like the limited pallette you've used, the deep blue really sets a strong magical mood, the rich red in the scene below a lovely touch. Nice work.

Adam Foster-Fahy

theartofpuro said...

Amazing illo,love the colours and the perspective.

Shirley said...

Congratulations on this piece! Really great that you've worked on something that spoke to you.. very powerful piece..great lighting. Well done.