Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hartford: Day 3

zdepski's illustration of Arnold with IOUs
zdepski's illustration of Arnold carrying CA
zdepski's illustration of Arnold carrying CA
Wednesday had me up at 4 am... i don't know why. I messed with comping entries for the Squint website and my own blog entries. I had a ton of photos to sort out and dump over to my hard drive... Moxie in the morning... same as Ralphy from the Christmas Story... not diggin the bitter taste.

Many more sketches of Arny... I wanted to have him muscle bound, carrying the weight of the state, but Gary thought he wasn't successfully doing that in the real world, so I chose to go with the obvious drowning in a sea of debt and I.O.U's.

I'm making a pile of IOUs tonight, and shooting reference. Gonna try to toss them into the air and shoot them as they flutter down, as well as on the table top. I figure denominations from 2 bucks through 2 million will be good variations.

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