Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tiki Print

zdepski's Tiki god print with colored ink added
zdepski's Tiki god prints 4 up
zdepski's Tiki god Print Block

My final source piece for the Ernest Borgnine digital illustration is done. I wanted to try my hand a more complicated print. I chose the Tiki motif, which is sparingly used, but a very powerful image. I drew it in my sketchbook, scanned and cleaned it up digitally. The piece is 4.25" x 9". Then I output via my printer and spray mounted the page to a siding shingle of Western Red Cedar. I carved the image through the printed page with an Exacto, flat, curved and veiner chisels, along with one round leather punch for the toes. I then sanded off the leftover paper with my orbital sander.

The ink was my standard Japanese carpenter ink, which is thin and water soluble. I think would like to try it with printer's ink and brayer next time. I printed on my Strathmore sketchbook pages, and some large Staples 9x11 envelopes that were close at hand. The colored version had the black print laid down, then Yellow and Rose Winsor and Newton ink brushed over... I like the effect.

I still have to work up the Ernest sketch to a presentable preliminary launching point. That's next.

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