Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Q-Tip n Dust

zdepski's photo of a Q-Tip haircut from the 1960s
zdepski's drawing of a rodeo bull in pencil

Older brother Mark sent a photo along to me that I thought I'd get a laugh from... I did. He's organizing his mother-in-law's estate and found a photo of one of Sissy-in-law's cousins or Aunts in in the early 1960's... her larger picture composition is strange enough; bikini clad, straddling a satin pillow with cigarette in hand, but I horned right in on the Q-Tip hair cut, Black brows and Lashes - WHAT A COMBO!

Great source material for a Drag Racing Queen, Tough Biker or Pulp Moll.

Horning in on other items... I watched a Rodeo on TV for a half hour before bed, and composited a bull from all of the bulls that broke through the gates. It's not easy... they're all different, but they all are bulging with muscle and rage. They remind me of Great White Sharks... Zombie Forces of Nature.

Drawing is Pencil on Strathmore - Click to Enlarge.


ursula roma said...

love the bull!

Chad Grohman said...

What a great photo. Youll have to paint it! I like that you sketch from the tv. There is some link between the TV screen and our monitors. We look and look at pixels all the time. Its nice to see hand made marks born from them. Even if I see them as pixels too.