Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ted Behaving Badly - Redeux

Zdepski's watercolor, Evil Ted
Zdepski's watercolor, Evil Ted
Zdepski's photo of Ted Lewin and Ram skull
Ted Lewin, professional wrestler, illustrator and husband to Betsy had posed for some crazy photos at his Brooklyn studio back in November. I took one of him with an up-light while he was holding a freaky goat skull. I wanted to keep pushing the watercolor and the fluid mediums, like my ink on a brush. I was tempted, very tempted to fall back into the comforts of oil paint, but my thesis is entirely in watercolor, and I believe I need to master the medium to pull it all off.

The upper is Ted, with Winsor and Newton Watercolor... some accents with Dr. Martins white mixed with various colors aided in pulling the bacon out of the fire in a few places.

The lower is my original Ted ink painting, output at 30 percent opacity on Fabriano, then worked into with Winsor and Newton Black ink (one with the silly spider on the box)

The bottom is one of the photos of Ted in his creepy photoshoot. I'm missing some of the drama in the photo... my watercolor ability is still in it's infancy. I'm sure I could nail it in oil very quickly. Tempted... so tempted.

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