Friday, March 27, 2009

IF: Poise

zdepski's digital rendering of a character for a kids group, IF - Poise
zdepski's sketch of a character for a kids group, IF - Poise
Illustration Friday's Poise: My daughter is in the Flag Team at school, so I like the idea and skill involved with twirling and tossing stuff into the air.

This is one of the gang from a group of kids I'm creating for a website. The client hasn't seen it yet, so keep it quiet!

She has to have poise to twirl that baton. Go Girl Go!

Pencil sketch to digital, textures are my watercolor painting of NYC ice rink and a wing vector. I may not use the wing, but it's here for IF.

click to enlarge.


sandra.d. said...

ooO, she is adorable in this poise! ;]

adrienne trafford said...

wonderful drawing - i like the sheen on her hair

Jack Foster said...

Nice work Paul. Love the pose as well as the poise. mums the word :)

Roberta said...

Yes she does!! Very nice illo!