Saturday, February 7, 2009

IF: Time

Zdepski's Watercolor for Time
Zdepski's Watercolor for Time
Zdepski's Watercolor for Time
Time slows down as action speeds up... E=MC2 :

I took my initial idea from my Friday lunch hour sketch: bottom pencil drawing, then tightened the lines up a bit with ink on vellum.

My watercolors are Winsor and Newton on bright Fabriano paper. The top is with an overlay of the brush lines in photoshop, while the middle piece is the straight up watercolor on it's own. I believe the top is the way i need to go if used in a publication.

"Zany Times"

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Focus_ret said...

I think I like the pencil sketch best, because it is easiest to read, ie, easiest to identify the fleeing animal as a cat, and the chasing animal as a dog.

zillustration said...

My pencil work has always been my starting point, if not the sandbox to get things started. i know my characters are overboard, but that's what i'm going for... it's more about the chase than the species.

Indigene said...

Although the top one looks slick, I actually love the drawing and your original laid down colors! Wonderful illustration!

Matthew Smith said...

wonderful illo, and transition pieces!! love your work!