Friday, February 27, 2009

Doctor's Office

paul zdepski's drawing, at the doctor's office
I had my first checkup in ages... since I moved to VA... yeah, do the math! Had to meet a new Dr., kind of like a blind date... I let him take my shirt off and stick things on my tah-tahs. EKG came back great! However, he hasn't called and I'm starting to feel cheap.

Did confirm my high blood pressure, which is familial. Pop had it and so did mom... double whammy. Gotta start doing all the things I know I should... cut salt, lessen coffee, get out or on the treadmill more. All while trying to hold the full-time job, full-time thesis, full-time family, full-time "fill in blank"... it really gets complicated as we stay on this plane longer.

The sketch above is my waiting room sketches, between filling out paperwork. the dogBaby on the right is Xander... I did him while in the doctor's exam room... lots of waiting around as people shuffle in an out with questions and papers.

Graphite on Moleskine spread. Click to enlarge.

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