Friday, February 27, 2009

IF: Breezy

Zdepski's watercolor of a chicken in the wind
Zdepski's sketch of a chicken in the wind
Here's the sketch for the title page illo from my upcoming book dealing with a big wind... i'll added the watercolor version to this posting this posting after I had entered the IF medium as graphite...oops. I figured I'd get in on IF early...

I like the windy chicken - makes me think of spring!
upper is winsor and newton watercolor on fabriano, under is graphite on tissue. flat gray wash is digital. click to enlarge

Doctor's Office

paul zdepski's drawing, at the doctor's office
I had my first checkup in ages... since I moved to VA... yeah, do the math! Had to meet a new Dr., kind of like a blind date... I let him take my shirt off and stick things on my tah-tahs. EKG came back great! However, he hasn't called and I'm starting to feel cheap.

Did confirm my high blood pressure, which is familial. Pop had it and so did mom... double whammy. Gotta start doing all the things I know I should... cut salt, lessen coffee, get out or on the treadmill more. All while trying to hold the full-time job, full-time thesis, full-time family, full-time "fill in blank"... it really gets complicated as we stay on this plane longer.

The sketch above is my waiting room sketches, between filling out paperwork. the dogBaby on the right is Xander... I did him while in the doctor's exam room... lots of waiting around as people shuffle in an out with questions and papers.

Graphite on Moleskine spread. Click to enlarge.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Red Shirt & PBS Sketches

zdepski's blacksmith illustration on dan rugh's shirt
zdepski's sketches from watching PBS
My ever creative and monster talented friend Dan Rugh, from Pittsburgh's Commonwealth Press, has created a new design of my Soviet era sketch of a blacksmith "Givin' it to the Man". The red shirt is a great way to display it... Bolshevik. He made a black and yellow version. If you ask him nicely, he may print one up for you, too.

Oliver Twist, Supreme Court arguments... even an Obama speech.

I tend to riff off of external influences, not rendering exactly what I had seen. When drawing from the television, the imagery changes so quickly that you have to make little mental notes, jot them down in the drawing, then look up and glean some more. It's a bit like drawing landscapes on the train. You may get the feel of a region, but rarely the ability to nail a particular place.

all are (were) pencil on strathmore sketch paper. click 'em to make 'em bigger.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

IF: Instinct

zdepski's watercolor of Cassy in the grass.
zdepski's pencil drawing of Cassy in the grass.
Cassy's in the tall grass, watching the neighbor cat sneaking across her lawn... it doesn't bode well for the cat!

Instinct has got her by the cerebellum... she's on auto pilot.

click to make them bigger.

graphite below, winsor newton watercolor on fabriano above.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Toast to Roul

zdepski's painting of Roul Tunley, writer and journalist
Roul Tunley, a writer and journalist I used to do masonry and estate grunt work for was my model for this illustration. He passed away a couple of years ago... we lost another good one...

Roul was NYC/Yale/Switzerland and all things cool. I'm trying to nudge the whiskey folks towards the era of the "Madmen";1957-62... rat pack, convertibles and good booze. This is Roul in a library setting, with a cool glass-top Noguchi table - all things hip.

The piece is captioned "A toast to you, job well done! - Wasmund's Single Malt Whisky"

I sourced the magazine ads from the era, with that loose wash treatment. As I said to my buddies, this is still just a pitch item. If it gets picked up, I may revisit and tighten it... maybe not.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

IF: Celebrate Summer

zdepski's watercolor painting Petey's pool party
zdepski's second sketch for Petey's pool party
zdepski's first sketch for Petey's pool party
Celebrate at Petey's Pool Party! Pals are over and the water meter is spinning out of control... TURN OFF THAT HOSE!!!

- darned kids...

Pete is part of the backyard ABCs project, obviously a "P" yard.

I messed with the pool as the negative space in the "P" form, but thought a lesson from Hopper would add something to it, with offsetting the weight of the design to the top right quadrant.

as usual, click to make them bigger.

watercolor is winsor newton on fabriano.
lines are noodler's ink on vellum.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

new monks

zdepski's pen and watercolor of a orangutan with pipe
zdepski's pen and watercolor of a chimp with fountain pen
messing around with avatars for my facebook and myspace accounts. i'm going with the pipe smoking orangutan... the fountain pen chomping chimp is too creepy.

winsor and newton watercolor on fabriano
click the pic to make it bigger...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

IF: Time

Zdepski's Watercolor for Time
Zdepski's Watercolor for Time
Zdepski's Watercolor for Time
Time slows down as action speeds up... E=MC2 :

I took my initial idea from my Friday lunch hour sketch: bottom pencil drawing, then tightened the lines up a bit with ink on vellum.

My watercolors are Winsor and Newton on bright Fabriano paper. The top is with an overlay of the brush lines in photoshop, while the middle piece is the straight up watercolor on it's own. I believe the top is the way i need to go if used in a publication.

"Zany Times"

click on the images to make them larger.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

lux interior

sorry to see the core of the influential group the Cramps, Lux Interior has moved on to another plane. Condolences to his lovely bride, Poison Ivy. they were, and still are in heavy ipod rotation around here.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

knitting portraits

Noelle Zdepski's knitted portrait of Radd
Click the pic to make it bigger
my lovely bride, noelle has finished a small portrait of our new nephew Radd. she went from a photograph, creating graph paper grid with color coded stitch changes... it took a week of sundays, but i think it turned out great! she was thinking of a pillow or blanket or some other item she could incorporate the panel into... i suggested that i stretch it like a canvas and frame it. she added a border of background yarn to give me something to pull over the edges. here the piece is being "blocked", trying to remove the puckers in yarn, as well as straightening the grid.

i was also thinking about using it as a "colors" panel on a motorcycle jacket... "the RADDS"