Monday, January 19, 2009


zdepski's watercolor of SpaceKid variation 2
zdepski's watercolor of SpaceKid variation 1
zdepski's drawing of SpaceKid
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My watercolor work has been all consuming - i haven't touched oil since my pulp illustrations for Vin DeFate. I did the drawing on the bottom during a New Year's Eve gathering in the Moleskine. I'm hoping to discover some new things about washes and limited pallet. If you check the previous post, I did a two color piece with red and yellow that got me thinking very hard about those old illustrations with limited color use. Check out some of the old NC Wyeth pieces, which are basically grisaille with yellow knocked in for enhancement. I'm not that limited, but i do want to keep it as simple as possible. I used two base colors for the broad wash, then the addition of one more and the paper-mixed derivatives that developed.

top: Spacekid 3 - WnN watecolor, WnN nutbrown ink on Fabriano paper
middle: Spacekid 2 - WnN watecolor, WnN nutbrown ink on Fabriano paper
bottom: space kid 1 - pencil on Moleskine sketch paper, enhanced contrast

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JS said...

Paul, your kid with the astronaut helmet is awesome. Would you be willing to lend us the use of it for a space advocacy website we are starting to get congress to support further nasa funding for space exploration? Credits will be given. Contact me at or 4078081791 if you are interested. Thanks.