Wednesday, December 30, 2009


zdepski's digital illustration - Teabag
Teabag - My father drank Red Rose Tea, morning, noon and night.
My brother would make us suck used teabags if we crossed him.

We were recounting a number of family stories. Most revolved around torture or forced labor... giving and receiving... the Spirit of Christmas.

Corporal punishment was the order of the day. We learned young to keep our trap shut. Don't start yakking about the TV channel showing a movie that was too scary... TEABAG!

Older siblings have a short fuse. Don't tweak them too much... KABOOOM!

note: my hair had two settings. Shaved to the skin, or scare-crow.
pencil to digital illustration - Photoshop & Illustrator

Corporal Punishment Series
Click to enlarge the fun!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sheep Dip

zdepski's digital illustration - Sheep Dip

Zdepski Family Lore - My older brother Mark and Cousin Johnny were doing their summer time forced labor in the family garden in the mid 1960s. Part of the labor involved spreading a slurry of reconstituted Sheep Manure on the garden by the bucket. The process involved mixing batches of dried crap and water in a 50 gallon drum, waiting for the poop to slurry over night, and then spread the next day... repeat as needed.

One fine day at the old Honey pot, Mark bets John that he would immerse his head, fully for $20. Johnny said, "OK, go ahead!"

short story shorter - Johnny didn't have the $20 to pay Mark for his daring fete, so he had to dunk his own head in for payment.

My sister swears this was the day Mark's hair became curly.

My brother Mark replies to my drawing:
The barrel was blue, scarred up, showing red primer... and it was really cocoa puffs in clear water not thick sludge (that happened overnight), I think you are misrepresenting the facts. I guess it isn’t journalism, it is the artist’s conception…

I cannot draw cocoa puffs... sludge is easier.

pencil to digital - Photoshop and Illustrator

Corporal Punishment Series
Click to enlarge the Stink.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

IF: Pioneer

zdepski' pioneer at the water pump digital illustration

Hot, dry spell on the plane. Not a cloud in site, and the dust is kickin' up again - "an' the Durned Pump is Broked!"

Left-hand page has a chicken and rooster fighting over worm jerky, and the right-hand image is gramps trying to fix the pump to water the livestock.

The early settlers had a lot of courage to do what they did - I've lived next to a river all of my life, and don't remember a summer without some patch of green, somewhere. The image is the second two page spread at 4x10 inches in my Tornado story. I dropped some digital color onto the piece. I may try to work a few of these spreads into a finished item.

pencil to digital - Painter 11 and Photoshop

click to enlarge

Thursday, December 24, 2009

First Iphone Painting

zdepski's first iphone painting in the Brushes program
Here it is. My first BRUSHES image - nothing spectacular
The image screen is very, very tiny to work on, but you can zoom. I started this monochrome sketch with my meaty index finger, and finished with a new POGO sketch stylus pen for the iPhone. The stylus is the way to go. It's like using a slimline pencil, at half the length of a full size pencil. I'm able to save the image at 6x the original (320x480) which can give a good springboard for a full Photoshop or Painter11 project. I see the possibilities here... To work directly - anywhere, uploading a full color drawing/painting will be a boon to my work flow.

Below is my Quicktime movie make from the same Brushes file. The file records every stroke, and is able to save a Quicktime, at various speeds. This one is saved at the fastest playback. Nice interactive feature, yes?

Let me know what you think of this idea. I'll do a few more, and try to include them as part of a broader Photoshop and/or Painter project.

Click the pic to enlarge.

Oh... my wife bought me the stylus pen Christmas - I just told her she did. This is my Ghetto Cintiq project - current cost: $24.50

Friday, December 18, 2009

IF: Undone

zdepski's illustration of al-Qaeda home office

Aziz... bubbulah...
you’re breakin’ my Figs!

Tell the El Shabab office to stop messing with the logo and printing on NON-al-Qaeda approved paper stock!

This is EXACTLY how the Khmer Rouge fell apart...

Somewhere deep in the hills of Afghanistan, the home office is trying to keep a tight handle on the trademark and corporate image... before it all starts to unwind into Chaos!

*every SERIOUS office needs a "You Want It When?" print on the wall.

digital illustration - Painter 11 and Photoshop
click to enlarge

it pays to be Bob

zdepski as Bob Ross with a profile picture from a fan

Bob Ross (1942-1995) - TV painter of Happy Trees - Zen Master of Magic White.

I changed my Facebook profile, as a joke, to be Bob with one of my paintings on his easel. I received a FB email from a woman that wanted to be friends.

Who knew Bob was such a chick-magnet?
"I think you came to [Town in Oklahoma ] years back and done like a 1 night class and sold your art lesson book. Anyways I thought you was him. I bought the book and thought you was the guy that signed it. Sorry if I made a mistake. I do like art and love to paint. Anyways have a lovely evening."

Sunday, December 13, 2009

office party

zdepski's sketches of the office christmas party - 2009
The firm I work with threw the annual Christmas party last night. I don't work well in crowds, so I tend to hide behind my pencil. I can carry more comfortable conversation if I'm working on something... that way, when I don't have anything else to add, I don't suffer the awkward lulls that usually follow.

Two Martinis (ala 1965 - gin, vermouth and olives) and I was off to the races. I did just over two dozen sketches - here are twelve of the better ones.

The nature of drawing an active crowd is to pick postures the person keeps returning to. I give a 10 count just observing the person, and can usually pick out their comfort pose. even better if they're latched into a story being told by another person - they will often freeze solid.

As you see, we're a young company - I believe I'm the oldest in the group. Only 5 of the those above are co-workers, the others are spouses and the server with the most interesting hair.

Pencil in Moleskine sketchbook - Click it to enlarge to 800 px wide.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

IF: Hatch

zdepski's digital illustration of space ship

Lieutenant McPherson has gone out the ship's hatch to clear off the Space Flea before it chews through the Ambassador's dome. Commodore Andropolis chuckles at the futility of the effort and begins to plunge the ship into the nearest star.

my son and I caught part of a classic space movie this morning while eating our breakfast: Destination Moon - total clap trap, but retro with its 1950 take on space travel. This piece has some of the vibe from the movie, but not directly drawn from it.

pencil and Adobe Photoshop.

Click to enlarge to 800px wide.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

r. kenton nelson paper

zdepski's portrait and link to the PDF paper on R. Kenton Nelson

Here's the latest effort from the MFA's Pasadena session in November. I did my reaction paper on R. Kenton Nelson... WITHOUT referencing Edward Hopper or Thomas Hart Benton.

It's a 9 page PDF 620Kb: R. Kenton Nelson Reaction Paper

give it a read. too late for me to change now, it's in the plastic sleeve.

Friday, December 4, 2009

IF: Crunchy

I remember waking early on Saturday and Sunday morning to watch cartoons before my other brothers and sisters were up...

I ate a horrid cereal called "King Vitamin" that was so crunchy and large that it shredded my gums and roof of my mouth as I wolfed it down. Like chewing Ninja stars.

It was usually still dark outside, and the radiation was pulsing into fragile little mind, etching the early Bugs Bunny and Tex Avery's Tom & Jerry into my skull... I could quote dialog like professors quote Keats.

Digital, Painter 11 and Photoshop

click to enlarge

Sunday, November 29, 2009

IF: Entangled

zdepski's digital illustration of a tirepile 4 page spread
zdepski's digital illustration of a tirepile 4 page spread
zdepski's digital illustration of a tirepile 4 page spread

The Tire Pile surrounding Ava's doggie yard is an entangled mess. This is a 4 page panorama that will have the book title on the far left, then two pages in center, with dog on right, and a bit of the tire pile overflowing in to the next dog's page. the book has been reflowed (reflown?) with the pacing and relationships out in front. I picked up a lot with viewing the Disney archive while out in Burbank CA. The backgrounds are going to lead, one into the other... one big panning motion.

This piece isn't finished (didn't get as far as hoped this holiday weekend), but it goes well with the IF word of the week.

Click to Enlarge - The top one is nearly 11,000 pixels wide, so it's pretty small here at 800px.

Digital Illustration - pencil, pen & ink, Photoshop and Painter 11

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Six doghouses

Six variations of doghouse designs for A is for Ava
Six humble hound hovels - variations on A is for Ava's doghouse. She needs to be sitting in the middle of the tire pile. still debating which one to use.

winsor & newton black ink on vellum

click to enlarge

Saturday, November 21, 2009

IF: Music

zdepski's variation on the theme Music for Illustration Friday
zdepski's variation on the theme Music for Illustration Friday
two variations on the piano plinking theme. The Elephant is a bit of a juxtaposed player, since his grandfather's tusks are what he's pounding on to make the song.

the other is from the impression i had on one of our recording stars while at the classical record company. He looked a bit like the un-dead... perhaps from practicing on pipe organs in dark cathedrals.

pencil to digital
click to enlarge

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feliz Natal

Feliz Natal for my Brazilian cousin Fabiola Zdepski
-- for my Brazilian cousin - Fabiola

She requested a Christmas Card illustration - I may ditch my Jello Mold version and fly with this one myself... loosing the Portuguese.

pencil to digital - Painter 11

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

web tips for artists

10 years online isn't worth much, but I have found a few useful tips during that time.

  1. Stay away from Flash portfolios (i know... they're so cool, my V.2 was entirely flash) - flash is a deterrent to some users - they bale out as the progress bar crawls.

  2. Try a background image: You can see a background image used here my blog. it's only around 20 px wide, but is 2000 px or more high, this is then set to repeat horizontally and create the argyle pattern fade.

  3. If you need to break the grid, try floating transparent PNG images via CSS placement (breaking borders) - The distorted image above is a PNG with a transparent background. It can float seamlessly over other images or tables to break the edges. The fine line around is a blogger template issue, but with a bit of code, i could remove it, too. Check out Air Pulp Cutie's position as you shrink the width of the page - she will overlay the screen shot if you shrink it small enough.

  4. If something looks to be navigation, be sure it functions as navigation.

  5. DO AWAY WITH IMAGE-BASED NAVIGATION - Make live HTML type - Aids with accessibility and special needs visitors.

  6. Use descriptive text within the "title" tag on your images and navigation thumbnails (on mouse over, the descriptive text shows below the pointer) - Google likes this, and will raise your rating. Mouse over the image above and see what I mean.

  7. If your download speed suffers a bit - either the images are too large (in Kb), or the server is too slow.

  8. You need COPY within the image display regions. Web searches cannot make sense of images alone. You need to place some body text within the pages - like a brief about the job, sizes, challenges, client results... anything to aid in search engines returning your site as a viable option.

  9. News regions should be current. An issue with painters and illustrators is a desire to be hands off. The web is about fresh and recent information. The more you update, the higher your results will be within a web search. Even if it's the occasional quip or art tip - three sentences... you have to commit to your public face on the web.

  10. Keep painting and adding to your site. This may mean flipping images and weeding out the old stuff, but do it. Fresh and new... like bread from the oven. Keep folks looking to return to your site. - Yeah, I know - Practice what you preach! I'm in the midst of a full redesign of

  11. Don't shy from letting your friends and fans know when you've made a major update or change to your site. This provides feedback and possibly viral exposure from folks that want to share your talent with their friends. The occasional email does good.

  12. If you don't want to mess with a site, start a simple blog, like this one! Blogger, Word Press, etc... - They offer many options to display your work with minimal effort or cost. I use the blog for my current thoughts, commentary and process entries, but a site as a standard portfolio.

  13. I house all images on my own server space, and import them into the blog - partly for my copyright paranoia... if Google houses it, I'm concerned they may be able to source it in the future from some database. Secondly, to keep track of numbers. If you view the source code on this page, you can see where I house them in a "blogger" folder. This way, I'm able to track visitor numbers in addition to my Google web stats. There are very few concrete numbers on the web, including Google's stats. I use multiple metrics to monitor my sites.

  14. Create and be sure to UPDATE an XML sitemap on the top level of your website. This is a valuable tool for the spyderbots that are roaming the web and sniffing your site for new content. If you have an updated page that you think they should know about, place the "lastmod" tag on that particular page entry with the date you pushed the new content to the live site. here is a place for you to generate your own, with minimal effort

I hope this is useful, but if you have more tips, let me know and I'll add to the list.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Back from LA

zdepski's photo of Los Angeles from the air at night
zdepski's photo of the cabin interior of Virgin America flight
zdepski's photo of iphone lens distortion
My flight out and back were on Virgin America - nice airline. I had flown them to SF and made sure to book with them again to the Pasadena session. I was messing with the iphone camera a bit... really think it's a piece of crud, but good for snaps. I noticed a couple of funky distorted images that were taken while moving the phone. It may be something to mess with in a more controlled effort. The areal photo is of LA with what I think is San Pedro in the foreground (marina and navy base)

Highlight of the trip was arriving at Dulles International, hitting the restroom at 5:30 am... walked in on some old Muslim dude washing his feet in the sink... brown toenails, no soap. No doubt a religious ritual for his Saturday devotions... but I still gave his groady flappers a wide berth.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yvette's Yak

zdepski's digital illustration of Yvette's Yellow Yak
Yvette's Yellow Yak is munching on some Texas grass. The enclosure is a funky Y shape, less obvious unless you study the picture. I picked a subdued pallet, but i think they go well together. This was drawn in pencil, ported into Corel Painter 11 for painting.

The rest of the MFA project can be seen here:

-- I'm at my RAM limits, and no ability to add more to my box. Nothing in the budget for an upgraded box, either. I may try dumping programs and see if that frees up any extra computing power.

Click to enlarge the piece.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 Pup Weekend

zdepski's sketch of Daniel Destroying Doormats
zdepski's sketch of Yvette and her Yak

Colored Daniel in a near to finished sense. I think I have to throw some gradients into the broad flat regions to give it a bit more sophistication, but it's nearly there.

Yvette has been adjusted to show off her Yak, not her Ewe. I like this idea better, rather than tossing confusion into an alphabet book by having a Ewe in the letter Y page.

Check out the whole MFA project here:

Click to enlarge the images.

Commie Soldier

zdepski's final version of the Soldier card in Commie Spud Game
Sitting tall for his full dress portrait, Comrade Soldier is ready to defend the the principles of Engels, Marx and Lenin - to spill his blood on the altar of the October Revolution.

Commie Spud Card Number One, revisited.

Here's the original sketch idea - the little images of Sputnik and Mig 15 have migrated to the back of the card design, with many revisions and tweaks. The banner and star have also gone through big changes. Honing those thoughts...

Digital painting in Corel Painter 11 then ported into Photoshop for assembly with the Illustrator EPS pieces. Click to enlarge.

Commie Spud Soldier

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

zdepski's drawing of Halloween in a small town, 2009
300th Blog Post - WOOOHOO!
Our proximity to the rural countryside means we get piles of kids swarming our neighborhood from less populated areas. I have no idea who these parents are. I've never seen them in town, or the local supermarket. I see license plates on mini-vans from West Virginia, which is nearly 20 miles to the west... Free candy is a big draw.

I did these two sketches while handing out candy at the top of the drive. Baby Landon kept trying to get out of the stroller, Pissing off Baby Mommy - He got smacked after Mowma yell "LANDON! Yall are Burnin My Biscuts! NAEW SIT DAEWN!"
-- WHACK!!!

Poor bastard (in the truest sense of the word)... Who knew Halloween had so many rules... not nearly as fun as shown on Nickelodeon.

West Virgina Daddy was toting his spawn on his shoulders, sucking a ciggy while attempting my steep drive. I thought he would start hacking coal dust when he puffed to the top. He was so winded, he just stood there with baby Finster on his back, looking at the view below.

Only happens once a year - Like the Circus coming to town.

Click to enlarge.

Friday, October 30, 2009

IF: Skinny

zdepski's digital painting, Boney Pup 2006
Creepy-Groovy Boney Pup
All toothless smiles. Boney Pup is a favorite of my son. The pup was originally painted in 2006, oil on 4x5 inch canvas board. I ported a scan of the painting into Corel Painter 11 and got to work today. Boney is as skinny as you can get, PLUS he's a good Halloween themed piece for Illustration Friday.

Oil to Digital

Click to enlarge

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Commie Cosmonaut

zdepski's digital illustration Spud Cosmonaut
My latest Commie Card, the People's Hero, Comrade Cosmonaut. He's underlit with a spacey green light, often seen in Science Fiction movies... My wife and I laugh at the way Hollywood designers illuminate the faces in those movies... Have you ever tried to drive a car at night when someone has the interior light on?

According to Wikipedia: "Yuri Gagarin, Russian, is the first human astronaut. Valentina Tereshkova, Russian, is the first astronaut woman."

Card number 4 in the Commie Spud Game. Digital Illustration using Painter 11, Photoshop and Illustrator CS2

click to enlarge

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

target practice

zdepski's drawing of ahziz's assistant helping with target practice.
Ahziz's Assistant

saw a photo from one of the "Stans" in the 1900s. The rifles those warlords were toting are very odd. strong curve on the gun stock, decoration along the barrel and percussion caps, like from the early civil war. They look bad-ass and full of attitude... grandpappy's of the Taliban. Here's a quick sketch of some target practice along the mountain pass...

click to enlarge

Monday, October 26, 2009

SI 52 Entries

zdepski's entries to the society of illustrators 54th competition

Here they are... my entries for the Society of Illustrators 52th Competition. If you know any of the judges, send them here to know which ones to pick!

-- added the Punch Buggy piece into the mix this morning... that's 8 total... One HAS to hit...

i keep telling myself...

-- Update 11/23: skunked again. i have to figure out what i'm doing wrong - there seems to be a glass ceiling for overweight Ukrainians. "No Slavs" policy at SI.

Immaculate Indigestion

zdepski's pencil sketch - Immaculate Indigestion
Thinking about Christmas cards and Overeating... This is the problem with an over-active imagination... no brakes on this guy... AT ALL!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

D is for Daniel

zdepski's pencil drawing of Daniel destroying doormats

D is for Daniel Destroying Doormats

a revision to the original sketch. Daniel is more up front and frenetic. The other (below) is too much about the yard, not the action. This one is much more about the dog.

The whole project can be viewed at
zdepski's pencil drawing of Daniel destroying doormats

Saturday, October 24, 2009

christmas card - 2009

zdepski's digital illustration, gnome-made jello

mmmm... gnome-made jello.

tastes of the season. Grandma brought her famous jello mold...

oh well, at least it's not a rat like last year.

soon to be printed and in the post. let me know if you've moved since last year.

watercolor and digital - Painter 11

IF: Fast - Commie Motorcyclist

Zdepski's digital Illustration, Spud Commie Motorcyclist
Speedy and Nimble, the Motorcyclist is ready to deliver messages to the Kremlin. She's wind blown, but determined. A true Patriot of the People.

Another in the long list of Commie Spud cards. Thank you to Orysia for checking my Russian. She suggests changing the word for Trapper, to Hunter in the previously posted card. I hate looking stupid, more than ignorant. Thanks for catching these blunders!

pencil to digital. Painter 11 is where all the coloring happens. Card layout in Illustrator, and final parts merger in Photoshop.

Click to enlarge.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

dogBabies Relaunch

Zdepski's dogBabies ABC book - Mia Masterfully Mows

M is for Mia, who Masterfully Mows

Here's my dogBabies Backyard ABC book, as it stands... no lipstick on this pig! I'm showing it all, Real Time, as I work it out. Some of the pages are complete, others need to be entirely reworked... I'll be updated them as they get finalized.

Zdepski's dogBabies ABC book - Favicon

Here's a small detail that many sites forget to deal with... the FAVICON (favorite icon) - I'm using "dogBaby #1 - Spotted Pup" as the little icon that pops into the browser address region and in the tab. He started it all in 2006.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

IF: Frozen

From the Steppes of Siberia, the Commie Trapper comes in out of the frigid cold. Spud Card 21 - Replete with a Grizzly Bear coat and hat.

Pencil and Painter 11, Illustrator and Photoshop - analog to digital

Click to Enlarge

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three in the Air

zdepski's digital painting of a jet

Next in my quest for THREE... an ole timey Sabre-like fighter with a three on the side.
pencil and Painter 11 digital illustration.

click to enlarge

Three in the Burbs

Zdepski's Three in the Burbs - Digital Illustration
Got interested in representing the number 3 in different ways - the Art Directors Club of Metro DC has a segment on their blog: that polls for the "top three" of various topics. It got me thinking. started knocking ideas around... first one to come out of Painter 11 is "Three in the Burbs" - I had a blast incorporating a sloppy little sketch with a crisp letter form. I usually hate those mergers, but this one turned out fine. I tired to fit a swimming pool into each back yard, but found it cramped the flow in spots.

click to enlarge

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Commie Card Revised

zdepski's Commie Spud - Diver, digital illustration
Here is the new revision to the basic Commie Spuds' card layout. I reworked the ribbon after my bud Bill called me out on copping out on the Illustrator hacked ribbon from the comp. He was right as ever, and I reworked my ribbons on the entire 26 card set, PLUS my unique "Capitalist" card, pictured below, which gets its own unique ribbon and money pile center piece. Not fully satisfied with the placement of the figure, color treatment or scale, but it's got the vibe I'm looking for...

zdepski's Commie Spud - Capitalist, digital illustration

All digital, except for the initial pencil drawing. I use Painter 11, Photoshop and Illustrator CS2 (still too cheap to upgrade)

Click to enlarge.

Hot Rod Betty

Zdepski's digital illustration of Betty Page on a Flatehead Ford motor
Betty's surfing a Tsunami with two Hot Dog Tiki gods.

I tried to model my technique on Gil Elvgren, but seemed to have a more wild subject than Gil usually executed. I used the Tiki god from the Brady Bunch episode with Vincent Price... NOT exactly, but the face and rounded hair bits are from that tiki necklace. The dude way in the back is from my earlier Short-board Tiki from July.

The Hot Rod masthead is correct, since they had switched from the deep maroon and cursive "magazine" to the block letters on hot red in 1952... PLUS Hawai'i was still a US Territory in '52, not becoming a state until Eisenhower signed the paper in 1959.

25 cents... wow.

Digital Illustration - Corel Painter 11, Adobe Photoshop CS2 and bits of Illustrator CS2

Click for the full effect.

Friday, October 9, 2009

IF: Flying

zdepski's digital illustration, Kelly Kicking a Kite
Sometimes, a kite needs a little help getting off the ground.

Kelly Kicking a Kite

K from dogBabies Backyard ABC project.

Pencil, Painter 11, Photoshop CS2

click to enlarge

Zdepski's digital illustration of Betty Page on a Flatehead Ford motor
Betty's surfing a Tsunami with two Hot Dog Tiki gods.

I just finished this on Sunday Afternoon... Betty Seems to be FLYING down the Tsunami on the Flathead Ford... So you pick the one you like.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Card Layout

zdepski's revised Commie Spud Card layout
Commie Cards are taking shape. I took some great advise from David Labrozzi and got hammering on the text and continuity of objects within the layout. I did away with much of the "computer crisp" within the type and objects. I wanted a bit more hand-done, so I was able to use a number of sketchbook items like the star and potato in their near-raw form. i also did away with some of the visual clutter around Sputnik... I like how the Ribbon is working now, it's more organic and easier reading of the titles.... yes?

I also got rid of the MIG and Sputnik on the face region. I thought it was busy... this also enforces the 2 designation... the whole joke! Commies are all the same value in the idealized society.

Click to enlarge

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Before Tor - Chowderhead

Zdepski's version of Chowderhead Cohen testifying - 1940

Chowderhead Cohen is listed in this 1940 photo as a Labor Spy and Strike-breaker - I did some web searching an found him to be a small-time thug and enforcer for a madam he also was suspected of murdering in 1931 - love the expression... i thought it was a gangland murder photo, but he's just testifying before Congress... getting all sweaty.

John Baer's Illustration of the Christmas Presents from Labor Struggle - 1940

John Baer's editorial illustration depicting a child - 1940

I bought an archive of the union newspaper, LABOR from the library sale yesterday. $5 for the weekly editions of 1940 and 1941. LABOR was published by a conglomerate of 15 different Railroad Unions out of Washington DC. Unfortunately, many of the pages are falling apart, but I thought I could find some cool "Commie" reference for my latest jaunt. There are some very, very stiff editorial illustrations by a cartoonist named John Baer (1886-1970) - DIG THE HAIRLINE ON THAT KID!!!

John Baer's Illustration from 1940

Baer did go a number of "Fat Cat Industrialists" and "Rich War Profiteers" - Perfect source material for my last Commie Card: The Old Maid - The Capitalist. Here's my sketch:
Zdepski's Capitalist sketch for his old Maid set