Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the Nichols and my darlin' bride

beth and fred nichols in their showrooms
paul zdepski's beautiful bride, noelle
two photo from the weekend. Beth and Fred Nichols, each photographed in one of their venues - Beth is posed in their Annex, which is a beautiful colonial home, filled but well placed with art from Beth's repped artists. Fred was in full effect with walk-in visitors (ourselves included) in the working studio's gallery. They're a wonderful team, each is engaging and a wealth of information and laughter. We had a great visit... all too short. If you get down the east side of the Blue Ridge, anywhere between Culpepper and Charlottesville... hunt out the little town of Bourborsville. They have a bunch of Vineyards and horsey farms around, so it's a beautiful place to get lost. We plan on a timely return. My lovely bride is showing her red streaks in the bright winter sun on the UVA museum steps. Gosh she's pretty.

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Chad Grohman said...

It sounds beautiful there. I would have a hard time staying in doors....