Monday, December 1, 2008

My Bride of 20 Years - and a walk in the park

We had spent a too short Black Friday weekend in Charlottesville VA at a very nice and very fancy Bed and Breakfast called South and Second or some such... It was a HUGE southern Victorian with plenty of high ceilings and bookcases only a basketball player could reach. We knocked around "C-ville", as the locals refer to it, and were able to make a day run to visit with fellow VA in Panama artistic team, Fred and Beth Nichols. What a fun time! They have an expansive studio set up for painting and printmaking. It looked to be nearly 4K sqft of floor space, if you include the showroom/gallery in front... did i mention the annex? A colonial up the street, CHOCK FULL of paintings by artists in Beth's fold... she reps 15 or so landscape painters, and seems to think the worst of the downturn is over, considering her sales numbers. Noelle and I tootled back to C-ville to catch the El Lissitzky show in the UVA Art Museum. It is a breathtaking show. I love the stuff. There is plenty of art for everyone in there... Chinese, Greek, Roman, 18C, Pop, Ashcan... it goes on... I really feel fortunate to have seen it all.
The bride and I poked around town, which has a lovely bricked over mainstreet walking mall... 5 or so, blocks long. We ate French and Italian... and Soviet at the "Revolutionary" soups and sandwiches shop. Lots of fun, and the kids hadn't worn grandma and grandpa out by the time we rolled in on Sunday.
The weekend's drawings are mostly Noelle across the table from me. It's the only time I could get the pen to paper in any way. I did bring watercolor, but it wasn't a working weekend... it was our 20th... remember?
Sketch 1: Noelle reading the New Yorker with her coffee, ink on paper
Sketch 2: Me in the library, 7 am on Saturday... Inelegant and eating a Danish.
Sketch 3: Noelle reading some other magazine with coffee... sensing a theme?
Sketch 4: Noelle all dressed up and in the Italian place, first night... ink again
Sketch 5: Noelle and me tying one on at the French joint. good food and good drinks.
Sketch 6: NYC Dogs in the Park - Girlie Pup
Sketch 7: NYC Dogs in the Park - Guy Pup

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Anonymous said...

Great to see the charm and affection after 20 years still shines through in your sketches. :)