Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Golden Age: 1956

Illustration never had it so good... of course, turmoil in Algiers, Viet Nam, Montgomery, Selma, Cold War, Atomic testing...

I found these illustrations while researching Burton Silverman and his drawings of the Montgomery Bus Boycott... I was looking in the wrong magazine. Burt told me yesterday that the drawings were initially printed by the New York Post... and their online resources are worthless (only back to '99).

Top: Let's gaze into the future... Dominos in the fast lane.
Next: Better living through concrete. A blurry shot of an architectural model. pretty cool.

Two cocoa ad kids

Post Toasties Kids

All of these are from Life and Time, 1956. Various ads, article illustrations and a lovely Lifesavers ad that reminds me of Damien Hurst, no?

Space paint kid... Like the two color print shift.

Then: a small Norman Rockwell detail of a dozen vinettes for PanAm Airlines.

Look how cut the little Commies are! We are SOOOOO decadent compared to their righteous indignation at our greed! Go Mao Go!

WAAAAy down is a French ANTI-SPEED poster... Wild!

well, back to writing the Silverman reaction paper.

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