Sunday, September 14, 2008

MFA Beard and Burwell-Morgan Mill

I mentioned a few posts back about my MFA beard... I don't know how committed I am, but it's something I've started since August. It's started under my nose... my wife thought i looked Amish with my standard goat beard. I had been in a HOBO stage, with my salt and pepper graying for 3 weeks, but it's now to the point that I look like Gabby Hayes, the grizzled old prospector. I need to think on it a bit... especially since I do work in an office by day, in my mild mannered webdesigner persona.
Saturday was supposed to be my rescheduled opening at the Blue Elephant, which I was unable to make, due to the Prelude acting like a 16 year old car. I was forced to pop the hood and mess with the cap and plug connections while in the parking lot at work.

Prior to it's crapping out, I made a drop of my 5 accepted works to the Burwell-Mogan Mill in Millwood VA. It's a good venue, as an restored and operating gristmill that was restored by proceeds from art sales. I like their setup, which is in the midst of VA's horsey country, and usually turns out buyers for their spring and fall shows. Photos are of the main floor shot from the stairs, which doesn't have any art hung...YET, and the upper main floor which is beginning to hang the entries. The tip-top floor houses the pieces on reserve, of which my two goats on the hay-bales will be one, and the very lowest floor is the wheelroom, with the towering waterwheel, slowly turning. The show runs from October 4-19, with and artist's reception on Sunday, October 12, from 2-5 pm. My pieces hanging are Vincent van Toad, Popper, Goat and Shed, Red Pig and King of the Bales on reserve.

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