Friday, August 29, 2008

it's a beautiful world: compare and contrast

i love devo:

rage against the machine... pussies it up. booo......

back to the 80s: looking for the perfect piece of cardboard for break dancing... hendrix in a coffin:

there is something in the detached persona that DEVO portrayed that makes their cynical statements that much more pointed. They are able to critique society as outsiders, even though they were wildly popular on college campuses and early mtv. Mark Mothersbaugh still works in music, scoring cartoons like Rug Rats, Powerpuff Girls, etc... I have his "Go Monkey Go" song about Mojo Jojo, evil chimp arch-enemy of the PPGs on my ipod,

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Chad Grohman said...

I was just watching a bunch of Devo vids on youtube..... Great sound.