Monday, July 14, 2008

Hartford | Day 2

awoke at 5:45... off to class by 7:15. logging in to the school system was a clunky affair. extremely long password, but i guess it's secure. my 6 sketches were a bit further along than i think they should have been... some folks are very much in the same boat, adding a broad range of tones and finishes to their sketches. i felt i should be presenting as to a new client. i think i can make changes, especially since my new method is to scan a simple pencil sketch into photoshop, make many layers and manipulate as needed. changes can happen very quickly, while retaining the original, by a previous name. Bunny and Dennis took turns beating us up, then piled 50 thumbnails on us to deliver as jpgs in the the 8am hour... i've been at it since returning to the hotel at 7:30 (12 hrs of school)... and it's 10 of 10, and i only have 20 sketches on tracing paper... i'm getting bleary eyed. David is cranking along on his pile carmen meranda and brazillian jazz images... i have to rework c is for cassy 50 different ways by tomorrow.. this is insane. i'm not that creative... i need to dig deep for some inspiration... like a rousing game of Golden Eye on my N64, or slamming the medicine ball around. c is for cassy... c is for cassy... my mantra. old dudes need their 8 hrs sleep... or we get cranky. just ask my kids.

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wdewitt said...

Go Cassy Go!

casing out crullers, cross-stitching on crank..........