Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Write your Representatives in Congress!! Loose Copyright laws on the horizon!

There is a very, very interesting interview with illustrator Brad Holland of the Illustrator's Partnership, and his research on the upcoming "Orphaned Works Legislation" headed for Congress. This new revision to the current copyright law will strip artists of the copyright we currently hold upon completion of a work, drawing or sketch, and force us to register each and every work with a PRIVATELY HELD database, for a fee. Those works without registration you had created throughout your career will be subject to free usage and abuse by corporations and rip-off publishers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - write your representatives in opposition to the bill on Orphaned Works. It's a sham, and puts all of our work at risk of abuse and severe financial hardship to protect.

Besides that... I got all of my dog shots for the university of hartford. ready to roll into the mfa in july. getting all kinds of excited.